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Back To Mine

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    4 of 6

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    Sun 21 Oct 2018
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    3.00pm - 3.30pm
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    Week 43 2018 : Sat 20 Oct - Fri 26 Oct
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Back To Mine
SERIES SYNOPSIS:                                                             
They say home is where the heart is but what does yours reveal about you? And can it open the door to true love? Back To Mine is a new dating show which dares to let intrepid singletons hunt for a potential partner by rifling through their home before they've even met. One single hopeful gets the chance to snoop around three homes, detecting clues about the owners’ habits, personality and interests in order to choose one to invite on a date. But then the tables turn when their chosen match gets to look around their home to decide whether to accept the date or stand them up. Does the home hold the key to true love?
In this episode, 31-year-old Daryl, a bricklayer from Surrey, is looking for love in the homes of three strangers. Accompanying him on his quest is his sister Katie, who is determined to find herself a stylish sister-in-law. Daryl however is more concerned with meeting someone he’ll have things in common with, which means finding a girl who will appreciate his love of fish, be endeared by his pet iguana, support his sporty hobbies and accept his coin collection. Daryl and Katie root around three very different homes hoping to find the right lady, but will Daryl choose to date the horse fanatic who loves beige décor, the art lover who’s a little messy or the dragon collector who owns a dressing gown labelled ‘Bride’? And will whoever he chooses want to date him after looking round his animal-filled home?
Executive Producer: Mark Scantlebury
Series Producer: Claudine Parrish
Series Director: Chris Heywood