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The Long Call

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    4 of 4

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    Thu 28 Oct 2021

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 43 2021 : Sat 23 Oct - Fri 29 Oct

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    Wed 13 Oct 2021

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The Long Call

Series overview

The Long Call follows Detective Inspector Matthew Venn, who has returned to live in a small community in North Devon with his husband. It’s a place Matthew walked away from 20 years ago, after being rejected by his family who are part of the area’s Barum Brethren community.
We meet Matthew outside the local church as his father's funeral takes place. Now he's back, in the place where it all began, not just to grieve for his father but to lead a shocking murder investigation. A body has been found on the beach - a man with a tattoo of an albatross on his neck - he’s been stabbed to death. Matthew and his colleagues, Jen and Ross, have a task on their hands: they must unlock a case with no witness, no forensics and no motive.
As Matthew and his team search for clues, we are introduced to members of the North Devon community, including the Barum Brethren community. Matthew must face up to the painful memories he left behind as he grapples with a case that starts to divide friends, family and a community who are searching for answers.
The pressure mounts when the case takes an unexpected turn. Matthew must bring to light the extent of the web of mystery and lies which is suffocating the various communities.
Who else's life could be at risk? Could Matthew himself be in danger? Matthew must learn to overcome the shame his upbringing taught him and truly put the past behind him in order to finally get to the bottom of the case and call this place home.

Episode 4

Despite key break-throughs, the team are frustrated until an important piece of evidence sets Matthew on the path to finding the murderer. 

Through learning to let go of the shame his upbringing taught him, Matthew finds clarity on the true events surrounding the murder at Crow Point. In a final and dangerous confrontation, Matthew must put his own physical safety in jeopardy. 

In the clear light of day, the crimes of the past are laid out for all to see. Can Matthew now, finally, exist in the present and at last, allow himself to call this place home?