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The Larkins

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    4 of 6

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    Sun 31 Oct 2021

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    8.00pm - 9.00pm

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    Week 44 2021 : Sat 30 Oct - Fri 05 Nov

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    Wed 20 Oct 2021

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The Larkins

Series Overview 

Set in the late 1950’s, The Larkins follows the golden-hearted wheeler dealer Pop Larkin (Bradley Walsh) and his wife Ma (Joanna Scanlan), together with their six children, including the beautiful Mariette (Sabrina Bartlett), as they bask in their idyllic and beautiful patch of paradise in Kent.

Fiercely loyal to each other and their community, there’s an overwhelming sense of plenty in their lives and a lot of joy and raucous laughter. With an endless supply of delicious, hearty meals alongside the odd cocktail or two, the Larkins are always happy to share what they have with others, despite the fact that what they have is sometimes obtained by unusual means!  

Sadly their good heartedness is not always shared by certain members of the local community and village gossip (particularly from the Normans) about Pop and his family is often rife.

From government officials and snobbish second homeowners to aggressive urban developers, the Larkins never take threats to their idyllic way of life lying down but when Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton (Tok Stephen) arrives to inspect their taxes things are looking bleak for The Larkins.

Soon distracted by the beautiful Mariette, Charley quickly discovers that he has a romantic rival in the form of the handsome and mysterious Tom Fisher (Stephen Hagan). Mariette, on the other hand, may have plans of her own, which don’t involve men.

From May Day Fairs, to straw-man pram races and donkey derbies, there’s never a dull moment with The Larkins.

Episode 4: In which the Larkins rescue the railway station. 

News reaches Pop that the train station is to close. With the help of reluctant Miss Chand and villagers, Pop seizes the opportunity to save the railway and make money along the way. Mariette fights with Pauline, and Charley makes a big decision.



Bradley Walsh - Pop Larkin
Joanna Scanlan  - Ma Larkin
Sabrina Bartlett - Mariette Larkin
Tok Stephen - Cedric ‘Charley’ Charlton
Peter Davison - the Vicar
Kriss Dosanjh - Brigadier
Amelia Bullmore - Miss Edith Pilchester
Seeta Indrani - Miss Chand
Robert Bathurst- Johnny Delamere
Stephen Hagan - Tom Fisher
Francesca Wilson Waterworth - Libby Fothergill
Barney Walsh - PC Harness
Tony Gardner - Alec Norman
Selina Griffiths - Norma Norman
Lydia Page - Primrose Larkin
Liam Middleton - Montgomery Larkin
Lola Shepelev - Victoria Larkin
Davina Coleman - Zinnia Larkin
Rosie Coleman - Petunia Larkin