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Aussie Animal Island

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    4 of 6

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    Tue 12 Nov 2013
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 46 2013 : Sat 09 Nov - Fri 15 Nov
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Aussie Animal Island, narrated by Jason Donovan, sees a group of Tasmanian Devils hauled from the luxury of Australian zoos and sanctuaries then released into the wilds of a remote island. 
The Tasmanian devils face the challenge of their lives with an influx of tourists and a record-breaking heat wave that could spell the end for the tough little creatures.
The fourth episode of Aussie Animal Island follows the devils through a scorching summer and some of the hottest days on record. 
With the icy Antarctic winds long gone, the devils are struggling to cope in their new environment. Wild devils are nocturnal but this hand-reared squad has a lot to learn. Instead of cooling in a burrow, the devils are lying around in the hot sun.
The only animals coping with the heat are the island’s little penguins, which feed out at sea. The scientists fear the devils might feast on these tiny creatures and use radio collars and remote cameras to make sure the devils stay clear of the colony.
As the hunt for food continues, Reba, who’s never killed anything in her life, is dropping weight. She’s not the only one. Maria Island’s grazing wildlife, the forester kangaroos and the Cape Barron geese, are struggling to find food and the geese return to the mainland in search of greener pastures. 
While the locals leave, the tourists arrive in boatloads. The scientists are concerned. 
But as streams dry up, the Tasmanian devils must roam further in search of fresh water and the forest is littered with dead. This gives the devils a chance to scavenge, and as they munch