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    Sat 08 Nov 2014
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    Week 46 2014 : Sat 08 Nov - Fri 14 Nov
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    Thu 06 Nov 2014
LILY ALLEN opens up about family life, her stillbirth, reconciling with her father and people’s perceptions of her. She also performs her single, Hard Out Here
FRANK SKINNER opens up about his battles with alcoholism and says he’s not brave enough to touch a drop ever again
LORRAINE KELLY talks about 30 years in breakfast television and her most memorable interview with Robert Downey Jr
NATALIE DORMER AND STANLEY TUCCI talk about Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and Stanley dresses up with Jonathan in a wimple hat!
Jonathan Ross was joined by popstar Lily Allen, comedian Frank Skinner, Queen of Breakfast TV, Lorraine Kelly and Hunger Games stars, Natalie Dormer and Stanley Tucci for the fourth episode of The Jonathan Ross Show which airs on ITV at 9.45pm on Saturday 8th November.
In a reflective interview, Lily Allen spoke to Jonathan Ross and opened up about family life with her daughters and husband, the still birth she had a few years ago and chatting to people on Tinder.
Speaking about her life in the public eye and responding to a recent article about Lily being given a lift home by musician Chris Martin after a party, Lily said: “The way that they had sort of insinuated it was that ‘she’s a mother of two, abandoning her children...’ I’m in a car with a father of two and at no point has anyone alluded to him abandoning his children! There is a double standard. And also it’s completely false because my children are with me most of the time. If there are photographers around, I make sure that I go in a different car because I don’t want them to have guys with what look like guns pointing at them the whole time and chasing them… One [of my children is] about to be three and one will be two in January. They don’t know what it is, they don’t know what a newspaper is.”
Lily spoke about taking her daughters on tour with her saying, “My kids were just on tour with me… Seven weeks in America and they were on the tour bus with me. Woah, 27 hours from Atlanta to New York with two kids under three... wicked!” she laughed.
On adding to her brood, the singer said she’d definitely like more children and joked about calling them silly names: “Yes… I’d love a boy and I’d also like another girl just so I can call her Auxiliary Jane… or Pizza, I quite like Pizza for a kid, or Mega Lolz that would be good. Megan Lolz” she giggled.
Reflecting on a hard time in her life, Lily appeared teary as she opened up to Jonathan about giving birth to a stillborn son three years ago: “I think it’s difficult for anybody regardless of what world they live in and actually what I took home from that experience was… Even though it was the most unfortunate thing that can ever happen to a person, I was very fortunate in the sense that I have a loving partner to go home to and share that experience with and there are many women - [there are] 17 stillbirths in the UK everyday - that go home and they don’t have that support, they have to go home and deal with that on their own so I am kind of in a bit of a - since that happened - in a count my blessings scenario rather than feeling sorry for myself.”
During the interview, Jonathan talked about misconceptions that people have of the star who responded: “I don’t know because I try not to read it, I don’t really want to know what people’s misconceptions are of me and the way that I do kind of look at it is, I do what I do for the people that do like me, not to prove a point to the people who don’t.” And on public spats she has had in the past through her music and on social media, Lily said: “I think it’s a bit of a deflection. I have been doing this for nearly 10 years now, releasing music for 10 years, and yes I think that the sort of like ‘funny, ha ha, I hate you’ stuff has been a little bit of deflection, maybe [me] not concentrating on myself and I’ve just started writing the new record and it’s emotive already. I feel like for the first time I’m grown up and connecting with my feelings and trying to share them.”
On her future music, Lily revealed: “I’m really genuinely very excited, I feel like I’m in a very reflective and good place in my life and I can’t wait to put it all down to music and feel it and share it with you all.” Jonathan said, “You are one of those people who I thought might spontaneously combust at one stage when you were kind of... it seemed like you were a little bit out of control…” to which Lily said, “From what I hear that’s what people still think but it’s not the case. I’m fine, I’m good.”
During her interview, Lily spoke about the dating app, Tinder, which she uses to chat to people when she is on tour. Explaining to Jonathan, Lily said, “I don’t meet up with people, I just talk to people on it… You can have a chat situation and you know, sometimes I am away, if I’m in Australia or Los Angeles and there’s no one up that I know to talk to on the phone sometimes I’m just like [imitates swiping on her phone] ‘nope, actually yes, you look quite fun to have a little chat’… but nothing sinister,” she promised.  Talking about the biography on her Tinder profile Lily said, “It basically says ‘I’m a recording artist, I travel around the world, I’m married, I have two beautiful girls…’ at the end it says ‘some of my photos are now and current and some are of when I looked significantly hotter and younger…’ It’s not a hooking up thing, listen this is young-people-social-media OK, just deal with it!” she giggled.
Speaking about Miley Cyrus - who Lily supported on tour in the USA - Lily said: “J’adore Miley!” Lily talked about chatting to the pop star on Twitter before meeting her in LA: “She asked me to come and support her which was weird, I’ve never supported anybody, I’ve been very lucky since the very start of my career I’ve always been able to sell out concerts on my own and I’ve never had to do that side of things but… I’m at a point now where I just want to develop my craft and do the best that I possibly can do and quite frankly being in an arena full of screaming teenage Americans that have no idea who you are is kind of the best experience you can get because you have to learn how to work the room.”
Comedian Frank Skinner also joined Jonathan on the show to talk frankly about his past battle with alcohol and why he finally ditched the drink.
Speaking to Jonathan about his alcoholism - which he struggled with for 14 years - Frank said: “Yes I was a drunkard.” “You were a proper alcoholic?” Jonathan asked, and Frank replied, “It’s a word I don’t like but yes, I mean proper… I was quite a reckless alcoholic. I lived a strange life, I remember [with] a friend of mine sleeping next to a railway line one night not by choice, we just couldnt walk any further… I slept on grass verges in Birmingham city centre and stuff like that.”
Explaining why he gave up, Frank said: “I used to drink sherry first thing in the morning. I used to have that on the bedside table so I’d wake up, put the radio on and have two or three relaxing glasses of sherry and obviously that was fine but I then switched to Pernod first thing in the morning and I remember thinking ‘you know you’ve gone too far this time.’ I was fine with the sherry! So that was the moment when I thought ‘maybe this is getting a bit out of hand’ but I didn’t seek help, I basically got the flu and I couldn't consume alcohol for about five days just because I was ill and I hadn’t gone five days for 14 years and I thought ‘I wonder if I could do six days’ and I just carried on like that.”
Later in the interview, Frank admitted he misses drinking but wouldn’t risk drinking a drop now in case he reverted back to his old ways: “I still dream about it and I stopped drinking September the 24th 1986… I’m not brave enough to risk that [drinking a little bit] I must admit. I think no greater gift can you give a child than two non-drinking parents.”
Frank went on to reveal times when he worried he was blind because of the drink: “I went blind for about 40 minutes [one morning] and couldn’t see at all… it was so terrifying I needed a drink!” he joked and added, “Also I remember being at a football match and I got double vision and I watched the whole second half like that [he covers one eye].”
Lorraine Kelly, also spoke to Jonathan about her 30 years in showbiz. Recounting one of her most memorable interviews, Lorraine reminisced about the time she met and interviewed Robert Downey Jr: “We had to wait I think it was about two and a half hours one time for Robert Downey Jr because the room - we were in a hotel waiting for him - and the minion that came in said the room was too hot. So he kept coming back every 10 minutes saying ‘it’s still too hot, Robert won’t like it, Robert will walk’ and when Robert came, Mr Downey Junior, he was absolutely fine, he didn’t know what we were talking about.” On star status, Lorraine continued, “That’s the thing, they [the celebrity] are always absolutely delightful it’s just all the nonsense around about them and I think that a lot of people who are difficult don’t have pals. I always think they should have friends with them saying ‘you’re being an asshole, stop misbehaving!’”
The Hunger Games stars, Stanley Tucci and Natalie Dormer, joined Jonathan to chat about the new film and their acting careers so far. 
Stanley - who has been acting for nearly 30 years - spoke about being typecast in the early days: “In the 1980s… anybody with an Italian last name or who looked Italian was cast as a gangster and nowadays that’s changing which is good I think, really good, but yes I played my fair share of mobsters,” he told Jonathan. He went on to talk about why he quit acting that part for nearly a decade, “I went through a period of about 10 years where I turned down a lot of jobs and even though I needed the money and whatever, I just had to say no and then after a ten year period when Sam Mendes made The Road to Perdition he offered me a role and it was to play Frank Nitti… and that was the first time I had done it in about a decade… Usually a lot of the Italian gangsters, they were evil just simply because they were Italian.”
Continuing, Stanley said he didn’t want to portray Italian men in that way: “I got tired of doing it and I didn’t want to do it. I found it offensive and I found it unnecessary… It’s not a challenge and you also don’t want to encourage it.”
Natalie later spoke about her role in the cult show, Game of Thrones , which Stanley admitted he had never seen… Natalie - who plays Margaery Tyrell - revealed that she originally auditioned for another role in the famous show: “The story of that is, I went in to audition for another role and I’ve never told anyone what that other role and I won’t tell anyone, while we’re still shooting the show, I won’t say what the other role was that I auditioned for… It was serendipity that they didn’t really know what to do with Margaery Tyrell because she’s kind of a weird one in the books, there’s not really much about her so to flesh her out and to make her a three dimensional character within the show… I had watched the first season of Thrones and like you [Jonathan] I was just like ‘I’m in!’”
On the scene where her Game of Thrones character has to flirt with Martyn Lannister (played by Dean-Charles Chapman), Natalie said: “DC, as I affectionately call him, Dean Charles, was 16 at the time. It was very awkward for me, I had a whole conversation about how that scene was written, I kind of altered how that scene was written. It wasn’t as ambiguous and I was like ‘we need to talk about this’ and for a woman just to throw her sensuality, her sexuality at a young male is just so on the nose and so obvious and the last thing Margaery Tyrell is is obvious, she’s far more skilled than that... I think she’d make a brilliant psychotherapist. I have this theory that she’d be the best therapist ever.”
Jonathan reminded Natalie and the audience of the costume of Dame Diana Rigg - who plays Natalie’s grandmother in the series - and jokes about his own experience of dressing up in a wimple hat for a fancy dress party. Game to join in, Jonathan offered Stanley and Frank Skinner - who is in the green room - wimple hats and the three dorn them to much laughter.