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    Series 9 2015
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    Sat 07 Nov 2015
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    Week 46 2015 : Sat 07 Nov - Fri 13 Nov
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    Fri 06 Nov 2015
DAME JOAN COLLINS speaks openly about her sister, Jackie Collins, in a UK exclusive interview. She also talks about her goddaughter, Cara Delevingne and the Dynasty effect!
DANNY DEVITO speaks about the late Robin Williams and working with One Direction
SHERIDAN SMITH talks about playing Cilla Black and her love life
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by screen icon, Dame Joan Collins, award winning actor, Danny DeVito and acting starlet, Sheridan Smith.
Dame Joan Collins joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her late sister, Jackie Collins, in her first sit down interview since the author’s death in September.
Speaking about her sister’s death from cancer, Joan said: “She kept it from most of her family, she kept it from our brother who lives in England and she only told her three daughters. She didn’t want anybody to know, she didn’t want pity. She wanted to carry on just as she always had, so since she found out that she had got it she wrote five books, five books in seven years! She went to Australia twice, she went to New York three times, she came over to London for my investiture in March, she came over to London again nine days before she died, she did Loose Women, she was phenomenal, a phenomenal woman. Really amazing amazing amazing!”
There was huge applause from the audience. Joan continued: “She told me when she called us about three weeks before [she died]. She told me that she had [cancer] but that she was fighting it and she had been taking treatment and we planned going to Hawaii for Christmas with all of our various children and grandchildren and so it was quite a blow, quite a blow. I’m still suffering. It’s difficult for me to talk about really.”
When Jonathan asked if Joan wishes her sister had told her about her ongoing illness sooner, Joan replied: “I don’t know Jonathan, it’s a process. I’m still thinking about the whole thing, I find it very hard to actually realise it. The fact that she lived in LA and I was in Europe most of the time means that when I do think about it, I think ‘she’s in LA, I’ll see her soon.’ I still haven’t processed it totally and I think that grief, great grief is something that takes a while to process and you never get over it, you just learn to live with it.”
Looking ahead to plans to celebrate Jackie’s life in LA, Joan said: “It’s a celebration, that’s what she wanted. She planned to have 100 of her friends come to her house and celebrate and have a big party. She loved giving parties, she gave great parties, she was a great hostess, people loved her. I’ve never seen such an outpouring of love and attention when she passed away which was only five weeks ago, six weeks ago. The headlines, she got the cover of People magazine in New York… I’ve never heard of anybody getting that, an author.”
Speaking about their relationship over the years, she said: “No we weren’t estranged we just weren’t as close as we used to be. I was going out with somebody who she loathed and he didn’t like her very much and so we sort of didn’t spend a lot of time together but this happens.”
The Dame also spoke about her goddaughter, actress and model, Cara Delevingne: “She is one of my 12 godchildren… She is adorable but she also has 16 godparents.”
Speaking about her relationship with Cara and the other godparents, Joan admitted: “We do discuss her sometimes, there is one godmother who is quite famous and there was a period of time when we were a little bit concerned about Cara… and so I talked to her [the other godparent] about it and she said, ‘oh don’t worry about that.’ She’s very cavalier, she’s a lovely girl and I’m very fond of her and she’s an amazing actress!” Revealing how she spoke to Cara about her concerns, Joan said she would call her: “I did this on the telephone.”
Speaking about being made a Dame earlier this year, Joan said of Prince Charles, who presented her with her damehood: “He was very nice to me… he said ‘about time too’ which I thought was rather fabulous… I never expected in a million years Jonathan that I would become a Dame, never, I swear to you, I never did. No because I don’t feel like I look like a Dame!... I didn’t expect it, it was quite a shock.”
Joan also talked about her career and famous role as Alexis Colby in Dynasty: “You know that I was like third choice or fourth choice for this role, they wanted Elizabeth Taylor, they wanted Sophia Loren and they wanted another actress that I can’t remember who her name is… Aaron Spelling, he really wanted me, he really pushed for me and the ABC people and the rest of the suits didn’t want me but Aaron got me.”
“When my agent called me and said they want you for Dynasty I said, ‘what’s that? Is it a chinese restaurant? What is it? It was unheard of in England!”
During the show, Joan performs a dramatic and entertaining ‘Dynasty Effect’ slap on Jonathan. [Pictures available from REX]
American actor, producer and director, Danny DeVito joined the sofa and shared his memories of the late Robin Williams.
“I remember when he started Mork & Mindy, our show was on stage 25 he was on 27 so we’d all go down, we’d heard about this amazing guy and he was amazing. An amazing, amazing talent. [It’s] very sad that he’s gone but he was dangerous because Robin was very funny and I remember the first time I had this experience with him, I just cracked up totally. We went swimming, there was a swimming pool at somebody’s house and I was sweltering hot, I just dove in the pool and I don’t swim very well and he started telling jokes and he almost killed me in the deep end!”
On working with One Direction on their Steal My Girl video, Danny said: “They asked me to join the band but I figure, well listen all these 19 years olds and a 70 year old crazy man, no you don’t want to do that! It was a lot of fun. I had a great time, the boys are very, very spirited and fun!”
Star of the small screen, Sheridan Smith also joined the sofa and spoke about her acting career and love life.
Speaking to Jonathan about playing the iconic Cilla Black in the recent ITV drama, Cilla, Sheridan Smith said: “They went to her with the idea and thankfully she said yes, so there was no kind of audition process but she was wonderful, she was wonderful to meet and I did a lot of research, asked her a lot of questions and she was always there. She said I could ring her any time but you can’t ring Cilla Black! She was an icon to me.”
When Jonathan asked if Cilla had given her take on the performance, Sheridan said: “She sent me a big bouquet of flowers and that was enough for me, from the lady herself! It was wonderful, a real honour.” 
Joan added: “I knew her very well, she was a very good friend and I found out that she’d passed when Christopher Biggins - also a good friend - called and told me that she had died and I was really very upset about it.”
When Jonathan asked Sheridan about her love life and whether she was still single, a coy Sheridan joked: “Who’s asking?”
She continued: “Do you know what, I’ve read so much stuff, I don’t really know what the obsession is, I’ve read so many lies about me dating this person and that person, every gay friend of mine I’ve been out with has been my new ‘mystery man’. The best one was, I stepped out for a dinner date with my ‘mystery man’ - it was my brother!”
She continued, “You don’t really get a chance to meet people. I know I’m always working, I’m a workaholic and I live on my own with my three dogs.. It sounds really sad and Bridget Jonesy doesn’t it… but I just meet people on jobs… [The dogs] are my babies, I don’t need a man with them!”
“You always kind of just meet people along the way,” Sheridan started and added that she wouldn’t find it difficult to date someone who was or wasn’t in the industry: “If it’s someone who also isn’t in the business in that way, it might be strange for them I guess. I would totally date, I’m not like that but whether it would be weird for anyone else, I don’t know.”
Jonathan joked with Sheridan about dating app, Tinder, and she said: “You can’t go on that though can you?” before joking, “I would like to!”