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Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green

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    4 of 8

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    Mon 18 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 47 2013 : Sat 16 Nov - Fri 22 Nov
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Northumberland is known as The Border County and in this fourth instalment, Robson learns how the famous border with Scotland has shaped British history. 
He discovers how the bloody battles between the English and the Scots turned this region into a war zone in the Middle Ages.
Plus, Robson heads to the most northern part of Northumberland to look into the unique identity of the people who live close to the border of England and Scotland, dropping in on a training session with Berwick Rangers, the only English football team to play in the Scottish league. 
Robson journeys to Berwick-upon-Tweed, an architectural gem that’s home to 250 listed buildings within its Elizabethan walls. 
The battles between the English and the Scots in the middle ages meant that Berwick changed allegiance thirteen times. Even today, many locals will say that Berwick is more Scottish than English. 
Robson next visits an area of Northumberland where a battle took place that changed the course of British history – Flodden field. Scotland, under the rule of James IV, made its biggest ever invasion of England in 1513.
Over the course of two and a half hours, almost 14,000 men lost their lives, including James IV – the last British monarch to die in battle. 
Whilst historically significant, Flodden is known as the forgotten battle. As its 500th anniversary approaches, Robson meets some of the people trying to keep its memory alive. 
Every year, on the anniversary of the battle, hundreds of residents ride across the border on horseback. 
Robson meets Grant Campbell, the young man who this year has been given the honour of being principal rider and leading the 26 mile journey across the border from Scotland to England, charging to the top of the hill on Flodden field.
Robson joins the thousands who’ve turned out to witness the biggest ride out ever seen, saying: “Of all the sights I’ve seen on this Northumberland journey, that is up there with the best of them.”
Series overview:
Actor Robson Green returns to his home turf for a new factual series, which sees him lead viewers through a unique and often overlooked part of Britain that remains close to his heart.
In Tales from Northumberland with Robson Green, Robson reveals why the county of his birth, to which he has recently returned to live, still remains for him a magical and mysterious ancient kingdom. 
Over eight episodes, Robson travels the length and breadth of this magical landscape by land, sea and air to see things he’s never seen before and discover a side of Northumberland that he never knew.
He immerses himself in many of the unique experiences the area has to offer, spending the night in one of the most remote spots in Britain, stargazing into the darkest skies in England and exploring the rich and deep history of a county which has its own flag, tartan and dialect. Not forgetting its iconic locations such as Holy Island and Hadrian’s Wall, which are key to the nation’s ancestral roots. 
Stretching from just north of Newcastle up to the Scottish border, Northumberland boasts more castles than any other county as well as vast expanses of unspoilt, rugged countryside, allowing Robson to encounter all walks of county life from a lord and lady to a shepherdess. 
As he reconnects with his homeland, Robson also sees it like never before and whether faced with sleeping in a lighthouse, or being attacked by birds in the wilderness, it’s not an experience he will be forgetting any time soon.