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Off The Beaten Track

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    4 of 6

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  • Transmission (TX): 

    Fri 29 Nov 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
  • Week: 

    Week 48 2013 : Sat 23 Nov - Fri 29 Nov
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In the fourth episode of this series Christine travels around Herefordshire where she sees black and white Tudor villages, meets the man making eye cream from flower petals, drives a traction engine and goes wild river swimming.
Christine’s first stop is to meet local man Doug and his horse, Ella, who are working together to control the bracken in the woods. The bracken in this part of the country is particularly strong, and if it isn’t crushed and removed, it can completely take over the woodland. Christine takes Ella’s reigns and leads her through the trees as she pulls a roller to destroy the bracken.
Next Christine meets 60-year-old Barbara Luthwaite who relocated from New Zealand to live near the River Wye so that she can swim there. She tells Christine: “I was looking for somewhere with enough water to swim and boat and I kept being drawn back to the Wye river. You can see how lovely it is and you have to be daft not to want to be here. Two Septembers ago I started at the source and I swam 70 miles in seven days.”
Christine explains that she is nervous about trying the river swimming, but decides to give it a go.
Afterwards she says: “After a wimpish start from me, once you’re in, it’s so lovely, I’ve got to say. It’s beautiful.”
On her next stop, Christine meets Paul, who has a small holding producing herbs for medicinal purposes. Christine picks flowers with Paul to make an eye-cream which will need 900 petals for one batch. She then heads to the lab at the small holding to see where the products are made and help pour the ingredients in to make the cream.
For her final stop in Herefordshire, Christine goes to a gala where she puts on a pair of overalls and takes a turn to drive a traction engine.