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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

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    4 of 6

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    Wed 29 Jan 2020

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    8.00pm - 8.30pm

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    Week 05 2020 : Sat 25 Jan - Fri 31 Jan

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    Wed 15 Jan 2020

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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

Series overview

“I think what I need to do now, is rearrange my internal organs back to their rightful place.” Bradley Walsh 

“I can hear him screaming through the snorkel!” Barney Walsh

Actor and presenter Bradley Walsh and his 21-year-old actor son Barney are hitting the road together once again for a brand-new six-part series of the hit ITV show, Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad. 

Just over a year ago, Bradley was dragged kicking and screaming on an epic road trip across America by his son Barney. They might be father and son but when it comes to travelling they remain worlds apart. As Bradley approaches his 60th birthday he is keen to relax, while Barney wants to live life a little more on the edge and takes the lead in planning another adventurous trip that his dad will never forget. 

Bradley and Barney ended series one in the deep South, so where better to start their next epic adventure than at the southernmost point of the continental USA: the Florida Keys. With a route that will take in Florida, Georgia and then head north through the East Coast states, the trip promises more thrills, spills and excessive adrenaline levels thanks to a spot of shark diving and the lure of white-water rafting.

Produced by Hungry Bear Media for ITV.

Episode 4

In episode four, Bradley and Barney leave Kentucky behind and travel 150 miles north to the mid-west city of Dayton, Ohio – the birthplace of aviation. 

Bradley reminisces about his first ever job as an Apprentice Engineer for Rolls Royce in Watford, and is thrilled to visit an aviation museum with Barney and get the chance to take to the air as a passenger in the Wright B Flyer, designed by the famous Wright Brothers. 

Bradley says, “Well it’s not like going to Portugal on Easyjet is it?!”

Later Barney has another surprise in store, he’s going to have a flying lesson of his own and would like his Dad to be a passenger, to share that special moment when he takes full control of flying the light aircraft by himself.

Bradley has his head in his hands: “Why has everything got to be so high up? Like I’ve got to jump out of a plane, I’ve got to jump off a cliff. Why is it all about heights?” 

Barney replies: “Yeah weird, almost like I know what your fears are!”

With their feet firmly back on the ground, the boys head 20 miles in the RV to Waynesville, where Barney has planned an All-American Saturday night out at a bull-riding rodeo. En route they pick-up some cowboy clobber from a Western store to get kitted out for their big night. 

It’s traditional for all rodeo cowboys and cowgirls to be introduced to the crowd first and Brad and Barney line-up to take a nervous bow and take part in the customary pre-show prayer.

The rules are simple, stay on the bull with one hand in the air for eight seconds without letting go of the rope. Do that and the judges give a score out of 100. The highest score wins.

Barney is first to attempt what is known as the eight most dangerous seconds in sport and climbs onboard his bull, preparing to cling on for dear life. 

After being briefed about the dangers, Barney becomes anxious about his Dad taking part and pulls him aside to say: “I don’t want you to get hurt.” 

But a determined Bradley overcomes his nerves and prepares to literally take the bull by the horns. With his Cowboy dream quickly turning into a nightmare, has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?