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Ibiza Weekender

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    Sun 27 Jan 2019

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    9.00pm - 10.00pm

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    Week 05 2019 : Sat 26 Jan - Fri 01 Feb

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    Tue 22 Jan 2019

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Ibiza Weekender


With the destination hotspot of Ibiza ever popular, the series will follow familiar rep faces David, Jordan and Callum along with some new talent, including a very charming work experience boy, Savvas.


This season, Head Rep David’s clamping down on the clan; Jordan’s determined not to fall in love; and Callum’s looking for the girl of his dreams. There’s a trio of new girls to kick off the season in style, but will any of them win El Jefe’s respect and Jordan and Callum’s affection?


With a fixed rig capturing the heady combination of sun, freedom, friendship and romance across a season, the Weekender brand is a candid reality show with soap style storylines. 


Episode 4


There’s a guilty secret hanging over the hotel this week as a new set of guests jet in. Chloe is still struggling with the truth of what she and Jordan got up to. As she and Callum, and Isobel and Jordan, get closer and closer, it’s almost too much for her to bear.


Trainee Savvas is out to impress El Jefe, but when his makeover of David’s uniform falls flat he decides to pimp up the boss’s Segway. 


Things come to ahead on the second night out when Chloe, tussling with her guilty conscience, decides to flirt with a stranger and then kiss a guest. Callum responds by asking one of the girl guests to marry him.


When the dust settles next day Chloe finally confesses the truth to Callum, who quickly forgives her but is he just putting on a brave face?

No such escape for Jordan though when Isobel finds out as well. Is this the end of the road for Jordan and Isobel?