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    Sat 25 Jan 2014
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    Week 05 2014 : Sat 25 Jan - Fri 31 Jan
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    Sat 25 Jan 2014
- Sam Bailey shocks Jonathan with a sneaky move used by prison officers.  She talks about performing at the NTAs, speaking to Simon Cowell for the first time, nicknaming Michael Bolton ‘the boltmeister’ and her dramatic weight loss.
- Robert Lindsay talks about meeting the Queen and admits he regrets turning down dinner with Margaret Thatcher.
- Rufus Hound reveals his plans to run for MEP.
- Tinie Tempah on why it’s hard to find the right lady and his unwanted guest at his house warming party.
- Seann Walsh confesses he cried when he met his idol, Lee Evans.
 Plus music performances from Sam Bailey and Tinie Tempah featuring Laura Mvula.
Sam Bailey
Former Prison Officer Sam Bailey has been thrown into the spotlight after winning The X Factor at the end of last year.  However, despite her new found fame, she proved to Jonathan that she hasn’t forgotten what she learned during her time as a prison officer and she showed him a move that she used on the prisoners to show them who is boss. 
Whilst on The Jonathan Ross Show, which will be screened on ITV at 9.30pm tonight, Sam took Jonathan by the hand and pushed on his thumb.  The sneaky move gave the TV host and shock, causing him to yelp, ‘Ow, that really hurt me.’”  Sam apologised, saying, “Soz.”
Sam performed at the National Television Awards earlier this week, alongside Michael Bolton.  She told Jonathan about her experience.
“I wasn’t nervous performing with Michael, I was more nervous about the fact there were just loads of famous people in front of me,” said Sam.  “That’s what I was more nervous about.”
Since appearing on The X Factor, Sam has enjoyed meeting celebrities and the National TV Awards gave her the opportunity to meet her favourite TV stars.
“I met Danny Dyer and I was really pleased.  I got to swear at him and I was really excited,” laughed Sam.  “I deliberately didn’t take my phone because I didn’t want to have those ‘Sam moments’ that I am famously known for, so I just decided not to take my phone.  Then anyone that was there, I was like, ‘Get your phone out’, so I ended up having the Sam moments anyway with other people’s phones.”
Sam hasn’t had the opportunity to meet Simon Cowell yet, but she told Jonathan about speaking to him on the phone.
“I’ve had a phone call from him (Simon), but it was kind of a weird moment because I had the phone passed on to me and I was going, ‘What do I call him? Sir, boss, what?’  I went, ‘Hello’, and he said, ‘Hello darling’, and then all of a sudden I actually pictured Jon Culshaw and Rory Bremner.  I couldn’t believe it was him, so I didn’t actually think it was him at first.  After about 15 minutes I realised I actually was talking to Simon Cowell.”
As well as singing at the NTAs with Michael Bolton, Sam told Jonathan that she has also recorded a track with him for her new album.  Sam confessed that she can’t bring herself to call Michael by his name.
“I don’t call Michael, ‘Michael’.  Only when he’s naughty,” said Sam.  “I’ve just been honest with him since day one and we were just sat down and talking and I said, ‘Michael, I don’t think I can call you Michael, I think I want to call you…’”
Jonathan asked: “Why did you not feel comfortable calling him Michael?”
“Because it’s like… Michael.  I wanted to call him Micky B, or something like that.  So I decided to call him The Boltmeister and he actually quite likes it,” laughed Sam.
Looking back at Sam’s audition for The X Factor, Jonathan commented on how different Sam looks now.
“I’ve lost three stone since that first audition.  I have come across a few little tiny tricks,” said Sam. “I like steak and chips, and peas.  I figure that if you eat the meat first and then the peas, you’re too full to eat the potatoes.  I’ve done this for a month and I’ve gone down another dress size.”
“Also, another trick is, when you’ve finished, everyone is still eating because you’re not touching your potatoes, so you ask the waiter to take your food away so you can’t just sit there nibbling at it,” said Sam.
Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound
Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound are currently starring together on stage in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  However, during their interview, Rufus exclusively revealed that he has plans outside of the acting and comedy world – he plans to run as an MEP.
Rufus said: “I think I’m going to run as an MEP (Member of European Parliament).  I’m going to run for the NHA (National Health Action Party) because the NHS is being privatised.  The NHA is run by doctors and they’re not people who want to be politicians.  I don’t want to run as an MEP, I really don’t.  I want to dick about with this man (Robert Lindsay) because that’s a lot more fun, but I’m looking around for who is stepping forward and telling people about it and nobody is.”
Robert has had a long and successful acting career and he has met a number of high profile and influential people.  Robert told Jonathan that he had the honour of meeting The Queen when she visited the set of My Family.
Robert said: “When we were doing My Family.  The Queen was visiting Pinewood and she found herself on the set of My Family.  The My family set was literally a kitchen a living room and a bed.  She got a little bit bored and sat on the bed.  She was really confused as to why there were seats.  She said, ‘So what’s the seats?’ and I said, ‘Well that’s where the audience sit.’ And she said, ‘Oh, people watch you?’, I said, ‘Yes, that’s right, Ma’am.’  She said, ‘Oh, and Zoe, what are you doing next?’  Obviously completely bored and Zoe said, ‘I’m doing Much Ado About Nothing at The National Theatre, Ma’am’,  ‘Oh, and Robert?’  I said, ‘I’m about to play Aristotle Onassis, Ma’am.’ She said, ‘Oh, do you have to?’”
Robert also told Jonathan about a regret in his life having turned down the opportunity to have dinner with Margaret Thatcher.
Robert said: “I was playing King Henry II with Derek Jacobi as Beckett and Derek said that Margaret Thatcher and Denis were in that night and they’d love to take me to the Savoy for dinner.  I’m from a small mining town from the East Midlands and I didn’t think that was appropriate and I said ‘no’, and that was fine but she knocked on my dressing room door and demanded to know why I wasn’t having supper with her.  She said, ‘Is it to do with my politics?’ and I said, ‘Of course it is’. Then she told me what a terrible performance I’d done and how wonderful Derek Jacobi was, so I went, ‘Okay, fine’.  But my dad was furious with me and my dad was a big trade unionist and very left wing and I told him, ‘Dad, I didn’t go for dinner with…’ and he said, ‘You stupid prat, why?’ and I said, ‘Well she’s Margaret Thatcher,’ and he said, ‘But you’ll never learn anything if you don’t…’ He’s right, he’s absolutely right.  I should have gone.”
Tinie Tempah
Rapper Tinie Tempah taught Jonathan how to rap!  Jonathan’s attempt at rapping can be seen on The Jonathan Ross Show tonight.
Tinie talked about being single and he told Jonathan the perils of being famous when it comes to women.
Tinie explained: “It’s a bit weird. Depending on who you meet I tend to find, when you actually meet the good girls and you want to become serious, that’s when they’re not interested because they’re like, ‘Ah, I know the stereotype, I know what you’re going to be like,’ so it never works out.  When you meet the bad girls, I think they like the image and they like what you have to offer, so that tends to go right, but then you don’t ever want that in the end, so it’s a bit of a weird one.  I’m in a bit of a dilemma at the minute.”
The 25 year old has recently moved into his own home and Tinie told Jonathan that he had a house warming party on Boxing Day.
“It was a bit awkward,” said Tinie.  “I promised I’d get my family involved so I said even though I was going to have loads of friends, a couple of celebrities came down like Reggie Yates and Jessie J, I thought it would be good to have my family around so I invited my mum and dad.” 
Tinie continued: “Basically, without letting me know, my mum invited the local parish priest.  All my mates are sitting in the main party area like this (he sits up, looking prim).  No one is touching alcohol, no one is doing anything, it’s so awful, we all had to say a prayer.”
“I kind of kicked up a bit of a fuss, lord forgive me, but I was like, ‘Mum, people have come here to have a really good time’.  You know when you’re bartering with your mum for your own party, it’s the weirdest thing.”
“He (the priest) left and everyone was like…you know that moment when they go and everyone waits for two seconds and then they’re like, ‘Yessss, let’s go.’”
Seann Walsh
Comedian Seann Walsh told Jonathan that he was inspired by Lee Evans and he reveals what it was like meeting his hero.
“When I was younger… (I was inspired by) Lee Evans. Amazing,” said Seann. “He had a massive effect on me.  It was when I was ten, watching Lee Evans The Ultimate Experience and then a couple of years ago I got to support him when he was testing for The Roadrunner, his brilliant show.  In the green room, I think he could tell I was a bit star struck and it meant a lot to me that I’d come that far.” 
Seann continued: “I was really nervous and he put his arms on my shoulders and he took me to the side and he said he saw something in me and to really give it a go and I could really do this.  When he was talking to me I remembered 15 years ago - me putting the video in and watching his video over and over again, the whole day from waking up to getting to sleep - and I started crying whilst he was giving me this speech.  I had to run off to the toilets. It means a lot that you get to meet these people that have such a massive influence over your life and career.”