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    Sat 30 Jan 2016
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    Week 05 2016 : Sat 30 Jan - Fri 05 Feb
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JAMES NORTON speaks about ‘Phwoar & Peace’ and going ‘Up on the Roof’ with Robson Green
BRENDA BLETHYN admits she gets saucy fan mail for Vera and speaks about turning 70
CRAIG DAVID speaks about the ‘Rise and Fall’ of his career and life in Miami as he returns home to the UK
JOHNNY VEGAS speaks about being a new dad and being mistaken for other comedians
Plus a music performance from Craig David and Big Narstie
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by British acting talent, James Norton; Golden Globe award winner, Brenda Blethyn OBE; Comeback singer-songwriter, Craig David and Benidorm star, Johnny Vegas.
Rising star, James Norton, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his career and the ‘Phwoar and Peace’ phenomena.
James - who stars in War & Peace - spoke to Jonathan about the ‘Phwoar & Peace’ phenomenon which sees fans appreciating his good looks. 
He said: “Phwoar and Peace, you can’t really pay attention to it, I don’t think. There was a lot of talk before we even did the show about the character being the Russian Darcy and I was like, ‘Thanks’ to Andrew Davis who described him as that because the pressure is already there… I have this great aunt, Great Aunt Grania, she’s 91 and she sat opposite me at lunch recently and she looked at me in this quizzical puzzled way and went ‘I don’t understand how you can look so good on telly because you’re so bland in normal life.’ So what I mean is, it’s all the big breeches and the big floppy hair.”
James admitted he worked kids parties to get through acting school and revealed he still does one or two to this day: “I did about 300, I did it when I was at drama school to keep myself financially afloat. I wasn’t a clown, I did games. I still do the odd one actually if anyone needs when the acting dries up… for friends. But I did hundreds and hundreds.”
He continued: “I used to do them on a weekend a Saturday and Sunday and then the weekdays would be spent doing my training. We would turn up with a big rucksack and just play games for two hours with the kids.”
James also spoke about his role in ITV drama Grantchester, which returns to screens later this year.
Speaking about his role as Sidney Chambers, James said: “I got mistaken for being a vicar a couple of times. One time the actual village vicar of Grantchester was retiring and someone came over and said to me ‘Have you thought about applying, you could really fill the spot?’”
James spoke about working with Robson Green in the drama. “He’s really good friend now which is nice,” he said before joking about getting Robson to perform one of his famous hits whilst filming the new series. “I basically take the micky out of him all the time about his Robson & Jerome years and sing the songs to him and we did a scene in Cambridge on the King’s Chapel up on the roof… I spent the whole day humming ‘Up on the Roof’ and by the end of the day, the whole crew were singing ‘Up on the Roof’... At the end of the day we wrapped, it was a night shoot, I took a big speaker system up and played ‘Up on the Roof’ and to his credit he stood right in the middle of King’s Chapel with his arms in the air and danced and sang the whole tune.”
On his role as Tommy in gritty drama, Happy Valley, James said: “Some people do talk about taking away the character with them and finding it hard to shake it, we had a lot of humour on set because we had to offset the darkness. I had some pretty weird dreams, that’s where it manifested. It’s weird, I would be fine in the evening, go to the pub, have a beer, shake it off but then at night I would have some weird dreams… Really weird, nasty.”
Award winning actress, Brenda Blethyn, joined the sofa and spoke about celebrating her 70th birthday soon. “I’m going to ignore it probably… In our house we have birthday week so I’m treated for the whole week but I don’t do anything special and I don’t think there’s going to be any surprise parties or anything like that. I might go to a health farm and just be pampered that would be nice.”
Speaking about how she got into acting, Brenda admitted she was only originally supposed to help out an acting troupe who had an actor off sick.
“They said, ‘Oh please we’re desperate, this is why we’re asking you,’” she laughed. “‘They said, ‘It’s only one line,’ so I said, ‘Oh go on then. I’ll help you out’ and I joined the group… I just love the camaraderie of it all, different skills coming into play.”
Brenda spoke about saucy fan mail that gets sent to her character, Vera, via herself. “Some go to ITV, various methods to me via the agent, it’s mostly appreciative. I get some saucy actually some of it, believe it or not! For Vera, even Vera get’s the phwoar factor!” 
The guests spoke about Brenda’s accent in Secrets & Lies and she decided to teach Johnny how to do an American accent. Brenda, James and Johnny all performed a musical rendition where they played a mix of the ‘mouth trumpet’ and ‘nose guitar’ to much applause [Pictures available and clip for online].
Making his return to the UK music scene, Craig David joined the sofa and spoke about being back home and his time in America.
Speaking about living in Miami, the star said: “Sometimes it takes you to go all the way to Miami to realise that actually where you really want to be is back in the UK and to be home.” 
“[I had] a beautiful apartment but the thing is, even though I thought I would be complete… Sometimes in life you always think that the grass is greener on the other side… I bought myself a sports car… the first one was a ferrari the second one was a lamborghini… it got to a point where I was literally driving the lamborghini and getting in it and just thinking, where am I going? Has it come to this and I’m looking for validation, for someone to say that’s a cool car you’re in or that’s a nice home?”
He continued: “The thing is, you don’t need a lamborghini, you don’t need to move to Miami, you don’t need the place but the silver lining of the whole thing… I just realised that you don’t need to go all the way to Miami, driving these cars and thinking you’ve got this lifestyle when actually all I really loved was being in the UK, making music and just having relationships with my friends and my family and enjoying being here.”
Craig also spoke about the infamous, Bo Selecta version of himself and whether it got in the way of him being himself: “Weirdly enough I think a lot of people thought that, ‘Oh he’s gone to Miami obviously to get away from that.’ [It] actually to be honest was actually fine with me because they had Spitting Image before that and there were so many people on the show.”
Craig also opened up about his body image and weight having gone from an overweight youngster to an incredibly fit adult. When two contrasting images flashed up on the screen, Craig said: “I prefer weirdly enough looking at that picture, the overweight kid because when I look at [the other one] I was like at 4.7% body fat… When I look at that picture of me I look super gaunt, I look 40 years older, I look like ET in the basket on the way home with my finger up. I look so gaunt, I’m just like who is this guy, it proved how far I could take it to but it’s not healthy. Also I wasn’t socialising with my friends as well, that took over… Just a lot of self realisation came with that, music, Miami, what’s going on, just eat a meal bruv,” he laughed.
Craig also spoke about his relationship with social media and said he is changing the way he uses it: “Instagram is one of those places where as fun as it is, it’s not real. When someone likes your picture, it’s not validation of who you are and that’s why I was like, I need to stop this nonsense. Don’t put a selfie up of you before you go to the gym no one cares, you don’t have to show so many people what your house looks like, what your car looks like… It was going to a place where you realise that actually all you wanted to be was exactly where you were before.”
Funny man, Johnny Vegas, joined the sofa and spoke about his family and mistaken identities.
Speaking to Jonathan about becoming a father for the second time, Johnny said of his sons Michael and baby, Tom: “He’s 12 years older so Michael was thrilled when we told him, I’ve got to be honest it was lovely, he’s lovely with him, it’s so hard to impress a child of that age and when you actually go ‘you’re going to have a brother’ and ordinarily it’s like [grunts and mimes being on his mobile phone] and he didn’t he went catatonic for a couple of seconds and he got up and he just walked around and hugged his stepmum, had a massive hug. I buy him stuff and I get nothing. If only I could get pregnant and know that kind of warmth. But he has he’s been fabulous with him.”
On bonding with his new son, Johnny joked: “I’ve been away working a lot so I bond with him then I go away again then when I come back, he thinks I’m the gas man.”
Johnny also spoke about being mistaken for other comedians. “All the time. And always more successful people. They don’t mistake me for some up and coming comic in Wigan… Anyone with bad glands. The other night there was a guy going ‘I love what you do, love you, love you, love you,’ We were in the middle of filming something and all the cast were there, and he just went, ‘you were brilliant in Gavin & Stacey.’” 
He continued: “I have every scaffolder in London [shouting ‘Ricky’ to me.] I’m not Ricky Gervais… He has a trainer now doesn’t he, life is going well. He’s got the sparkle back!” he laughed.
And on being asked for an autograph by a man in a service station, Johnny said it took 25 minutes before he realised who the man thought he was: “I’d reeled off my entire career to him, everything… Then the penny dropped and I just wrote, ‘Peter Kay’ and handed it over and said ‘garlic bread!’ and he said, ‘I knew it!’”
James admitted that he gets mistaken for Dermot O’Leary since shaving his hair.