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    4 of 6

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    The Ramblin' Boy (2/2)
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    Mon 28 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 5 2013 : Sat 26 Jan - Fri 01 Feb
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The much-loved series of Lewis returns to ITV1. This seventh series comprises of three stories, each in 2 x 1 hour episodes. 
The series, starring Kevin Whately as Inspector Robbie Lewis, and Laurence Fox as his partner DS James Hathaway, will see the pair once again investigating murders against the back drop of the ancient city of Oxford. 
Clare Holman also returns as Dr Laura Hobson, and Rebecca Front as Chief Superintendent Innocent. 
The Ramblin' Boy (2/2): 
LIAM JAY (Taron Egerton) lies in intensive care. LEWIS (Kevin Whately) and ALEX GRAY (Babou Ceesay) are convinced he has information relating to the death of MATT WHITBY (Simon Wilson) and the mysterious cremation, and that was why he was attacked. EMMA BARNES (Lia Williams) reveals that Johnny Jay, Liam’s father, was at the fateful supper party and he too is missing. Could Johnny have been the one cremated?
Lewis and HOBSON (Clare Holman) come across the narrowboat inhabited by Liam’s girlfriend RUTH WILSON (Harriet Ballard) while on a dinner date. It’s burning; discharging black smoke. Lewis dives inside to rescue Ruth before it’s too late.
Lewis asks HATHAWAY (Laurence Fox) to investigate the Faulkners’ farmhouse in Croatia. On arrival he comes face-to-face with JACK CORNISH (Mark Powley), who had been missing. But before he has the chance to confront him, Jack vanishes again.
A search of the farmhouse uncovers a vital clue that gives Lewis the evidence he needs to convict his prime suspect and resolve the murders.