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The Magaluf Weekender

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    4 of 6

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    Sun 27 Jan 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 5 2013 : Sat 26 Jan - Fri 01 Feb
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    Mon 21 Jan 2013


Embargoed until Tuesday 22 January 2013
“Quite surprised that Zoe is a virgin because she’s obviously very beautiful and very fun but you know what, it just meant that I had more respect for her.  Maybe she’s looking for the right guy.”
James, holiday-maker, about Zoe, fellow guest
First to arrive at the hotel Lively this week are 18-year-old party girls, Dom and Zoe, from Reading.  The girls are on a mission to hit Magaluf’s mega clubs and party hard.  And as well as leaving a blazing trail on the dance floor, Dom is determined to find Zoe a holiday romance.
Next to check in are four lads from East London, Jon, James, Omar and Arran.  They have just completed their A-Levels and after years of friendship at school, the time has come for them to go their separate ways.  For the next three days they are swapping working hard at college, for partying hard in Magaluf.  
The two groups are soon introduced and the girls decide it will be fun to see if they can fool the boys into believing they are from the Playboy Mansion in LA.  Putting on American accents means the boys are completely taken in and don’t suspect a thing.  
Local womaniser, rep Jordan, hears that two blond bombshells have arrived at the resort and wastes no time in making his way up to their room to introduce himself.  Zoe takes an instant shine to the handsome Welshman, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Dom.  
Tonight is the reps night off, so for their first night in Magaluf, the two groups head out to the strip by themselves to experience the heady mix of cheap booze, bare flesh and a charged atmosphere.   Dom and Zoe come clean about their true origins and by the end of the night Jon and James are smitten with the two girls.  They hope that a fantastic first night out together has paved the way for some holiday romance.  
After everyone has gone to bed, rep Imogen sneaks back into the hotel with her own special guest and they quickly dive bomb into the swimming pool, which is closed for the night.  
The following morning, head rep Brett is on the warpath, after a serious meeting with the hotel manager about Imogen’s late night pool antics.  He immediately puts Imogen on another drinking ban and tells her she will no longer attend the bar crawl that evening.  He reveals that the hotel manager wanted to give her a final written warning but that he was able to reduce this to a verbal warning.  Imogen is shocked by the fallout of her actions and sees the error of her ways.  She tearfully apologises to Brett and promises to improve her behaviour.  
As a warm up for that evening’s bar crawl, Brett gathers the reps and the guests for a game of ‘I have never’ by the pool.  Everyone is stunned to discover that Zoe is a virgin and she returns to her room upset after feeling that the reps were laughing at her.  Dom reassures her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and the two girls are soon ready for another night out on the town.
Before the group sets off, Brett warns Jordan to behave himself and be considerate, after finding out that Zoe is a virgin.   With Brett’s warning ringing in his ears, concentrates on the task in hand.  Tonight his job is to get six guests hammered and he’s taking this job very seriously!
As the night goes on, Zoe finds herself powerless to Jordan’s charms and ends up locking lips with him for most of the evening.  Poor James can only look on as professional ladies man Jordan, scores yet again.  
Back at the hotel the group gather in the boys room but Jordan oversteps the mark when he brings up Zoe’s virginity again during some group banter.  Zoe’s feelings for Jordan disappear as quickly as they arrived and she begins to regret spending the evening with him.  
On the guest’s final night, Brett gives Imogen the chance to redeem herself by leading tonight’s ‘geek’ themed bar crawl, despite still being on a drinking ban herself.  Determined to prove herself, Imogen takes on her challenge with gusto and leads the group into town for a fantastic last night of fun.  
First stop is a karaoke bar where Jordan asks Zoe to sing to him.  After she agrees, he believes it’s his last chance to hook up with her and decides on a failsafe strategy, which never lets him down.  While she is singing he slips his ring on her finger.  But far from being delighted, Zoe looks decidedly uncomfortable and promptly gives it back to him.  Jordan is unused to rejection and his ego is decidedly bruised.  He admits that he’s given the ring to about 30 girls and its never been rejected before. 
On the final day, the girls sleep off their hangovers but the boys are up early to get their A-Level results.   For Jon and James it’s a dream come true as they pass with flying colours and are accepted at the universities of their choice. But sadly for Omar and Arran it’s a different story.
It’s the end of a life-changing three days and both groups pack to head back home.  Exchanging hugs and contact details, they promise to stay in touch and party together again in the near future.  
Jon says: “We’re always going to have this memory of this first holiday abroad and I think that something that all us will cherish.”