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    Sat 14 Feb 2015
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    Week 08 2015 : Sat 14 Feb - Fri 20 Feb
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ANT & DEC speak about spending time with Prince Charles. Dec opens up about his engagement and says that Ant will of course be Best Man. The pair also talk about their Valentine’s Day dates with Ant admitting one year he took the missus to the chippy!
GOLDIE HAWN speaks about spending Valentine’s Day apart from her partner for the first time in 32 years. She also teases that she could return to the big screen one day and performs pilate moves on the show!
ALAN DAVIES talks about being recognised and the first time his father thought he had ‘made it’
DIANA KRALL speaks about her friendship with Elton John, marriage to Elvis Costello and plays a jazz version of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble with the other guests. She also performs.
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by presenting pair, Ant & Dec; American actress and producer, Goldie Hawn; British comedian, Alan Davies and Canadian jazz pianist and singer, Diana Krall.
TV and presenting duo, Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly spoke to Jonathan Ross about the ladies in their life and how they celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Dec - who is newly engaged to his manager, Ali Astall - opened up about how he popped the question: “It was November, just before I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. I did it on the way to Australia, Ali and I had a little holiday in Oz before we travelled down to the set and I popped the question in the Hayman Islands.” 
“I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it so I took the ring with me and I was looking for the opportunity to do it and it was beautiful out there, we were on the Great Barrier Reef and we had a wonderful hotel and it was stunning everywhere but I just didn’t quite know how I was going to do it. It got to the last evening and we’d organised dinner on the beach and we went round to one side of the island, the only place on the island where you can see the sun set, and we just went round and we watched the sunset go down and we did it there, it was lovely.”
On whether he knew of Dec’s intentions, Ant said: “I did. I knew before he was flying out. He mentioned that he was possibly going to do it earlier in the year.” Dec then admitted he had been thinking about it for a while beforehand and said he decided to tell Ant when the pair were on a day out with Jonathan at the Wimbledon tennis tournament last summer.
Ant - who has of course been asked to perform Best Man duties - said, “I can’t bloody wait! He was Best Man for me, I’ve been married eight years now. His speech was very good, very funny so I’ve got a lot to get him back with!”
Speaking about memorable Valentine’s Day dates, Dec spoke about times when he and Ali would spend Valentine’s together as friends and laugh at all of the couples around them in restaurants: “Me and Ali have known eachother for a long time and we used to go out on Valentine’s night together when we were both single because we had no partners. We would go out together and hang out and laugh at all the people that were together… You know when you’re single and you’re out on Valentine’s night and you see people and they’re in restaurants and he’s not having a great time because it’s Valentine’s night and she’s really annoyed because she hasn’t got a great present and we would laugh at other people and eventually we got together… we joined the club,” he joked.
Ant shared a tale of when he took his wife on a slightly different Valentine’s date: “I’m normally quite a romantic person… but we’d got to a point where when you’re married you tend to do the same thing and I started taking her to the same restaurant and there was one year where she went… ‘oh boring… we go there every year, you used to think about things, you used to do things on the spur of the moment, I’d go anywhere just so we get to spend a night together, just something different!’ So I booked the local chippy and I took her there. She said ‘I’ll go anywhere with you’ so I thought, I’ll take this.”
He continued: “We’re walking down the high street and I walked past the restaurant she thought we were going to go to and I said ‘we’re not going there’ and we turned left and went into Chris’ Fish n Chip shop… We both had sausage and chips and a can of Lilt and it was less than a tenner and we had a lovely night!” he laughed.
Speaking about the landmark documentary which has just been announced for ITV which will see the pair interview HRH Prince Charles ahead of the Prince’s Trust’s 40th year celebrations, Dec said: “We’ve met His Royal Highness a few times and interviewed him a couple of times and he’s a really lovely man, very charming, great sense of humour and we’re going to spend a bit of time during the year.”
Ant - who alongside Dec also turns 40 next year - added, “It was a real honour because the idea was floating about and he asked for us to interview him so it’s not everyday that happens.”
The duo - who will present Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway when it returns to ITV next weekend - spoke about some of the Ant v Dec challenges and looked ahead to what might be in store for them in the new series.
Dec said: “The worrying thing for us is… they [the production team] are all running around with really excited faces because they’re all saying this one is the scariest one yet which is lovely to hear obviously…”
Initiating a special Ant v Dec challenge in the studio, Jonathan challenged the lads to an arm wrestle with Ant coming out victorious! [Pictures available from Rex]
On hosting The BRIT Awards later this month, Ant spoke about why they have decided to host the awards again after the last time they did it over a decade ago. “After we did it the first time we vowed we wouldn’t do it again because we were very young and it’s the biggest night in the music calendar and it’s a big crowd and it is quite a tough gig and I think we were just too petrified to enjoy it,” he started. “We didn’t really have fun and we didn’t enjoy it so now when they came back, 14 years later, we just said to each other ‘let’s do it and let’s have fun with it!’ We’re older and wiser now and it’s not going to freak us out and we can just enjoy ourselves.”
US actor and producer, Goldie Hawn, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about spending Valentine’s Day away from her love, Kurt Russell.
Entering the set with a bottle of champagne, Goldie explained: “I brought a bottle because it’s Valentine’s Day and I’m not with Kurt because he’s making a film… so he’s up in the mountains and I’m here… but he sent this to me today so I want to say ‘Happy Anniversary!’” before the group poured a glass each.
Raising “a glass to love” Goldie explained that she had never spent this day apart from her partner: “We have been together, today 32 years… We are romantic, I think there is a place for romance and a place for practicality… I’m going to miss him this year, it’s the first time we’ve ever been apart during our anniversary and Valentine’s Day. We’re not married you know, but it was our first date [on February 14th].”
Speaking about marriage, Goldie says she isn’t planning on tying the knot: “I don’t know that it matters anymore, after 32 years it doesn’t matter. When the kids were little we said to them ‘would you like us to get married?’ and I think they all said at once ‘NO!’ Whatever we were doing was working so… basically we’re not going to get married.”
Goldie - who hasn’t appeared in a film for several years - said she wouldn’t rule out a return to the movies, telling Jonathan when asked, “well yeah, that could definitely happen.”
Speaking about believing in the supernatural, Goldie recounted an emotional story and said she believed in the supernatural “100 per cent”.
“There is so much we don’t know about the brain at the moment, there is so much we do know… I’ve seen things in quiet state… whenever the brain is in a sense is at rest, I have seen things.”
Visibly moved, Goldie spoke about a vision she had of her father’s passing: “One I will share with you and it’s a little scary but it is true… What I see sometimes comes before me as like I’m watching something, like I’m watching outside myself and I’m seeing something and I saw my father, when he was alive, walk from his kitchen into his dining area and he clutched himself and he fell to the ground.” With tears in her eyes, Goldie continued, “And without much ado or emotion - because as you can imagine… when you love someone you miss them everyday - Six months later that happened.”
Clean living Goldie shared some of the secrets to looking youthful. Rolling her ankles, she told Jonathan, Ant and Dec that rolling your ankles can relax you. With the boys all joining in, Dec joked, “This is my kinda work out!’” [Pictures available from Rex]
Continuing to show how she stays in shape, Goldie went on to demonstrate a plank position on the set. [Pictures available from Rex]
Actor and comedian, Alan Davies, joined the sofa and spoke about his father and fame.
Speaking about the moment his father believed his son had ‘made it’, Alan joked, “Do you know what really counted for him in terms of me ‘making it’? It was when I was on Des O’Connor[‘s chat show]… Des was the main man and if you were on The Des O’Connor Show, that counted. Everything prior to that was irrelevant.”
Reflecting on a time when he stopped doing stand up comedy, Alan said it was because he had become a bit disillusioned with the idea of being recognised: “I got a bit preoccupied with being recognised and I became paranoid about it and I would stop wanting to go to places and go to pubs and places I used to go to… I thought I would love it, I thought that’s what I wanted, I thought I wanted people to see me and say ‘hello’ and then when they started… I basically became quite rude… It brought out the worst in me, it wasn’t good for me at all.”
And on being back in the limelight now, Alan said, “Now everyone wants a selfie. That does drive me mad. Hopefully that’s a craze that will pass.”
Jazz musician, Diana Krall, joined the lineup and spoke about her great friendship with music legend, Elton John. On meeting the superstar, she said: “We became really close because I was such a fan of his.” She went onto explain how Elton was instrumental in her getting together with her now husband, Elvis Costello: “I met Elvis and then we started courting in London and Elton and David [Furnish] really encouraged that because they wanted me to be happy.”
On having children, she continued: “He has been such a great friend to me and to my family. I was always told 'I don't think it's in your cards, you're a jazz pianist, you can't have kids when you're on the road.’ I just had gotten married and I remember sitting with him and he was like ‘right, you're 37, you're going to be 39, then you're going to be 40. Have kids.’ I went ‘OK’ so within a year, I was sort of knocked up with twins…”
In a poignant moment, Diana spoke about the death of her mother and meeting her husband. “I had lost my mum in 2002, such a difficult time... and I didn’t really know, I was just falling in love and Elton was very encouraging for me to be happy and to let myself do that... It was very difficult and then I met Elvis pretty much directly after that so all of a sudden one thing goes out in your life and the next important thing that I wasn’t expecting, came in and sometimes all it takes is some encouragement... His [Elton’s] generosity of spirit and love and David and now they have kids it's really lovely... I've never really talked about that very much but he just means so much to me.”
Gathering around a piano, Jonathan put a request into pianist, Diana, who played Ant & Dec’s classic PJ & Duncan hit, Let’s Get Ready to Rumble. Laughing, Ant said, “it’s never sounded that good!” and Dec joked, “We’re going to rerelease it. The jazz version!”