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Mr Selfridge

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    4 of 10

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    Series 3
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    Sun 15 Feb 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 08 2015 : Sat 14 Feb - Fri 20 Feb
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Episode 4
HARRY and NANCY bring the injured KITTY to hospital, whilst FRANK rushes to be by her side. Shaken by the evening’s events, HARRY abandons his theatre plans and takes NANCY to dinner instead. HARRY queries why she’s not married and NANCY confidently replies that she’s yet to find the right person. HARRY toasts to friendship but it’s clear that he’s falling under her spell.
It’s after dark and Colleano’s is buzzing.  A seductive VIOLETTE makes her move on VICTOR, making it clear that she’s only after some uncomplicated fun. As things get hot under the collar, GEORGE interrupts and VICTOR: if he plays with fire he might get burnt…
Recuperating at home, KITTY struggles to relay the detail of her attack to INSPECTOR JOHNSON, and FRANK’S horror is evident when he realises that the attackers must have been the ex-servicemen who were drinking with him immediately prior to the attack. In a terrible dilemma, FRANK can’t bring himself to say anything. In a limp attempt to quell any future comeback against himself, he warns KITTY that she needs to be careful seeking justice; the issues surrounding ex-servicemen is political hot potato in the press at the moment. But KITTY insists that her assailants are going to pay for what they’ve done. 
A lonely and tortured HENRI arrives outside HARRY’S house to apologise for destroying window display. HENRI admits that he doesn’t trust himself anymore and even AGNES is scared of him. HARRY realises the extent of HENRI’S survivors’guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, imploring him to confide in AGNES.
Routinely investigating KITTY’s attack, the police pay VICTOR a visit and he defends his innocence. However, he is left on the back-foot when ELSA reveals that they might be culpable: she served some ex-servicemen drink out of hours…with FRANK. VICTOR pays a house call to FRANK and KITTY, where FRANK is forced to admit his very accidental complicity in his own wife’s attack. KITTY is appalled. Later, KITTY successfully identifies her attackers. They are arrested and put behind bars, but KITTY still struggles to forgive FRANK. 
AGNES seeks out HENRI. At first he resists her help, but she makes a passionate plea for their love and marriage. They can’t go on like this. Paying a visit to HARRY, AGNES thanks him for his help but she tells him that she needs to look after HENRI away from the store: they’re to leave London. It’s the only way to help HENRI get better. HARRY understands the decision, but is deeply saddened to lose them both.  
At the store, security is tightened following KITTY’s attack. MARDLE is surprised that GROVE didn’t know about DORIS’ incident with the man who harassed her in-store - but is left gobsmacked when DORIS storms in and tells MARDLE to keep her nose out of her marriage! VICTOR also gets a surprise visit from an angry PURKISS. After his shave with the law, VICTOR wants to go clean, turn over a new leaf – but PURKISS isn’t going to be so easy to shake off…
HARRY, GEORGE and MARDLE bid a tearful farewell to HENRI and AGNES. Without two of his closest allies, and feeling lonely, HARRY makes a decision. He goes to NANCY in a pique of passion, telling her he wants her and no one else. NANCY attempts to resist, but can’t. She lets herself go, and gives in to his passionate embrace. 
Series overview
Following the ratings success with British, US and international audiences, ten new episodes of ITV Studios’ lavish period drama Mr Selfridge, starring Emmy award-winning American actor, Jeremy Piven, have been produced by ITV Studios for ITV.
The drama is inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, whose business in London’s Oxford Street has become a much-loved institution. 
This new series is the third instalment in the fascinating rise and fall of this colourful but troubled man and picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.