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Week 14 2024 : Sat 30 Mar - Fri 05 Apr

Wed 20 Mar 2024


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Series overview

Welcome to Chadder Vale, a close-knit town where nothing seems to perforate the mundane. D.I. Riya Ajunwa is bored of solving petty crimes by day and looking after her batty mother-in-law by night. So, when Katie Wells goes missing one night in the forest, Riya thinks this could be the case that changes everything. The only problem is, Katie Wells shows up at home, safe and sound, 24 hours after she disappeared.

But Riya’s not convinced. Something doesn’t add up. Where did Katie go, and why won’t she tell Riya what happened in the forest? What about the reports of other young people who are disappearing - all seemingly with a connection to the fracking site and the old tree on the town’s outskirts? And then there’s the dead stag on the forest road, which has been obliterated into a thousand pieces by someone. Or something.

Does it all have something to do with Katie’s dad Eddie Wells, who has just been released from prison? One drunken night 5 years ago he committed a monstrous crime, and Riya was the one who locked him up. Or does her nouveau-riche mate Derek - who runs the local bread factory - have something to do with it? He and his anxious brother are certainly hiding something.

Episode 4

Riya may have tracked down the missing bins, but a conversation with Nina Karlsson gets her in big trouble with Linda. Reeling after being told she’s being transferred, she heads to the pub with Jakub. But can she resist her old flame, Nick? Jim has no choice but to reopen the fracking site. Eddie struggles to be the family man he wants to be - and reaches breaking point. Ali and Nish bond by the bins, and find a clue that points to a suspect.




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