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Aussie Animal Island

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    5 of 6

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    Mon 30 Dec 2013
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    6.00pm - 6.30pm
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    Week 01 2014 : Sat 28 Dec - Fri 03 Jan
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Four months after releasing 15 Tasmanian devils on remote Maria Island, the scientists receive disturbing news, but hope arrives as the females prepare to mate for the first time.
In the fifth episode of Aussie Animal Island, Reba, one of the eight female devils, has finally got the hang of finding food. Now she must find a mate to breed a new generation of disease-free devils. 
As breeding season draws near, the scientists set traps around the island to capture and examine each of the devils to ensure they are healthy and ready to mate. 
But it’s not just the devils who are getting ready to breed as the male wombats and forester kangaroos put on rare displays of masculine aggression to conquer their competitors and court their mates. 
Even during mating season, the devils must eat and one clever is drawn by the smell of an elephant seal carcass rotting on the beach. At least this devil is displaying natural behaviour – unlike Manny. 
Inquisitive, confident and bit of a show-off, Manny is a favourite with the scientific team but has always had a nose for trouble. He hasn’t been seen for a few days. Using the tracking device on his collar, the team sets out to solve the mystery, with heartbreaking results.