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Call The Cleaners

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    Tue 05 Mar 2019
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    7.30pm - 8.00pm
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    Week 10 2019 : Sat 02 Mar - Fri 08 Mar
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Episode 5
Mother and daughter extreme cleaners Maxine and Jasmine head to Dover to help a lady who has been struggling to clean since becoming a full-time carer for her wheelchair bound husband to find a house covered in a thick layer of dust and half-empty cans of rancid pop. 
In Tamworth, sisters Yvonne and Angela are tackling a two-bed house for a gentleman facing eviction because he hasn’t cleaned in nearly three decades. The dirt is so thick in places that Angela resorts to using a chisel to remove it from the floor. There is so much clutter in the property that they need to fill three skips, but they also need to make sure at the same time that they don’t throw anything valuable away.
In Liverpool, George and Connor are facing a total clearance in a house that’s been left vacant for three years. But they get much more than they bargained for; a water leak six months ago means that the property is rotting from the inside out. Floorboards and walls are crumbling so they have to watch their step very carefully.
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