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Bear Grylls: Mission Survive

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    5 of 6

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    Thu 31 Mar 2016
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 13 2016 : Sat 26 Mar - Fri 01 Apr
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Episode 5
After eight days in the wild, four celebrities remain and it’s clear that the physical strain is taking its toll.
The group are led to an estuary. For a survivor, this is a lifeline which means food, water and more importantly, a means of travel. It does, however, also have its dangers, and in South Africa that means Bull Sharks.
The celebrities are split into two teams. Their task; to build a raft that will get them across the estuary safely. The tide is coming in and with it the risk of a shark attack increases. Time is running out. Working in pairs, will it be a case of two heads are better than one, or will heads butt? Staying calm under pressure is key, but can they keep it together?
Once across they have to prepare their camp. With a place in the final within reach, Bear wants to see what they have learnt as individuals. The celebrities must each build their own shelter. But the rookies have no idea that Bear has one further test. In the dead of night he sends Meg and Scott into camp with a surprise they won’t forget.
The next day Bear meets the group at the mouth of the estuary. The celebrities are already aware of the importance of staying hydrated, however what do you do when there’s no clean water available? Never asking the group to do anything he is not prepared to do himself, Bear sets them the task with a rather personal demonstration which shocks the celebrities. 
Will they take up his challenge or walk?
With one last chance to prove to Bear that they deserve to be in the final, the remaining celebrities must navigate their way along the dangerous Southern African coast. They take on the jagged rocks and dangerous swells.
Bear has been watching closely.  For one more celebrity, the journey is over, and for the remaining three the race to become Bear’s ultimate mission survivor is closer than ever.
Series overview
Seven celebrities battle through the wilds of Southern Africa on an uncompromising 12 day survival expedition. They are pushed to their psychological and physical limits to see who has the heroic qualities needed to become Bear’s Mission Survivor. 
In Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner, Casualty actress Chelsee Healey, Grantchester actor Neil Morrissey, ex England footballer and coach Stuart Pearce MBE and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott, are put under extreme pressure by the adventurer and survival expert to see what they are made of. 
This year the expedition team confronted more terrifying challenges than ever before: surviving dangerous animals, facing a dizzying arsenal of high-octane survival scenarios and travelling further across the mountains and down to the coast. Combined with ever changing weather conditions – from the harsh African sun to torrential rain and bitterly cold nights – this journey is the toughest Bear has ever set for celebrity survival rookies. 
The novices faced hunger, sleep deprivation and tasks designed to test their ability to adapt and survive in the wilderness. They were literally yanked out of their comfort zone from the get go by a helicopter using a Special Forces insertion technique and thrown into survival mode.
Bear set the celebrities daily missions, as they journeyed under the watchful guidance of expedition leader Meg Hine and former commando Scott Heffield. At the end of every episode Bear sent home the person who least displayed the qualities of a survivor: positivity, resourcefulness, courage and determination. Eventually in the final episode Bear narrowed it down to his one ultimate Mission Survivor. 
Bear said: “This is one of the toughest shows I have ever done - there was no let up for the celebrities from the get-go, having to work together and dig deeper than they might ever have imagined. But that’s the reality that genuine survivors face: dig deep or die.”
Bear continued: “The celebrities might be used to performing - whether it's on stage, TV or in a sporting arena, but the wild is the ultimate leveller and out in the mountains there was little room for egos. They had to work hard and face their fears every day, and for some of them it was just too hard both physically, mentally and emotionally. By the last episode we were down to just three, all hugely capable individuals, but at the end I chose one incredible Mission Survivor as the person that I believe shone the brightest.”
The 6 x 60 series was commissioned by ITV’s director of entertainment and comedy Elaine Bedell and entertainment commissioning editor Peter Davey. Bear Grylls, Delbert Shoopman, and David Harrison are the executive producers and Craig Blackhurst is the series editor. 
Bear Grylls: Mission Survive is a Bear Grylls Ventures/Electus/betty production for ITV.