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The Job Lot

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    5 of 6

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    Mon 03 Jun 2013
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    9.30pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 23 2013 : Sat 01 Jun - Fri 07 Jun
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Trish [Sarah Hadland] is doing staff appraisals, and Danielle [Tamla Kari] is feeling the pressure.  Angela [Jo Enright], on the other hand, is in an unusually good mood.  When the cause is revealed George [Adeel Akhtar] suspects that she’s not telling the whole truth and seeks revenge.  Karl [Russell Tovey] also comes to work with a spring in his step – he’s finally got a girlfriend.  But when he discovers that she signs on at the job centre things get trickier – relationships between staff and jobseekers are against the rules.  
Cast list:
Karl – Russell Tovey
Trish – Sarah Hadland
Angela – Jo Enright
Danielle – Tamla Kari
Janette – Angela Curran
Paul – Martin Marquez
Graham – Tony Maudsley
Bryony – Sophie McShera
George – Adeel Akhtar
Series overview: 
The comedy is set in a busy West Midlands Job Centre and will focus on the relationships between the people that work there and the people that don’t work there, or anywhere else for that matter. It’s work, or the lack of it, that brings the characters together, and their relationships, or lack of them, around which the series revolves.