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Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

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    5 of 5

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    Lord Sugar

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    Sat 22 Jun 2019

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    9.35pm - 10.30pm

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    Week 26 2019 : Sat 22 Jun - Fri 28 Jun

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  • Published:

    Wed 12 Jun 2019

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Piers Morgan’s Life Stories


Lord Sugar joins his ‘frenemy’ Piers Morgan for an amusing and revealing look back at his remarkable life and career.


The billionaire businessman and star of The Apprentice discusses his wealth, how he lost £90m last year and reacts to being called ‘a small timer’ by President Trump.


He reflects on his teenage years, where he was labelled ‘a shy unsociable git’, the death threats he received during his tenure as chairman of Tottenham Hotspur and how, on leaving the club, he experienced a ‘mini nervous breakdown’ while fighting a libel case.


The episode also includes a rare contribution from Rupert Murdoch and Lord Sugar reveals the satellite dishes his company, AMSTRAD, made for Sky customers were initially modelled on dustbin lids.