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Love and Marriage

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    5 of 6

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    Wed 03 Jul 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 27 2013 : Sat 29 Jun - Fri 05 Jul
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Episode five:
Martin and Michelle embark on their new life as househusband and working woman. After burying his reservations, Martin finds a way to enjoy his part of the bargain – mainly due to 19-yr-old au pair Alice. When Alice demonstrates an odd closeness with Lucy and Martin however, Michelle jumps to conclusions and a fight ensues, at the peak of which Martin admits he can’t stand being a househusband and feels railroaded into it. Can the couple find their way out of this?
Kevin convinces Ken and Pauline to go to couples therapy. Though it’s as horrific as they imagined, it does in a roundabout way push Ken to finally admit his true feelings to Pauline - but is it too late?
Kevin’s hearing at the Fire Service is approaching. When Kevin struggles at the hearing, Sarah jumps in and makes an angry but loving speech about him, which appears to be having a positive impact until she mentions Kevin stealing the rugby club money, which the judge didn’t know about… 
Heather continues to struggle with her guilt, and Charlie still isn’t shaping up to be the potential dad she needs him to be, especially compared to Ashley. Heather finally confesses her true feelings for Ashley, only for Charlie to step up with a sweet gesture – Heather’s completely torn.