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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

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    5 of 5

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    Wed 08 Jul 2020

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    8.00pm - 9.00pm

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    Week 28 2020 : Sat 04 Jul - Fri 10 Jul

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    Wed 24 Jun 2020

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Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad

“We’re getting you out of your comfort zone, we’re making memories together, that’s what it’s all about!” Barney Walsh

“Ah guys. I’m not looking forward to this. I’m really not looking forward to this at all. I’ve got itchy bits now. That’s all I need.” Bradley Walsh

Series overview

Actor Bradley Walsh and his son Barney are back in a special series which combines series one and series two of their popular road-trip adventures and includes a special, unseen episode of outtakes from their trips.

This set of six hour-long episodes from the original first and second series sees Bradley and Barney travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans and Florida to Maine, ending with the sixth episode of previously unseen action.

Produced by Hungry Bear Media for ITV.

Episode 5

In the fifth episode Bradley is on the mend following his rodeo injury and determined to get back behind the wheel of the RV. The pair head to Niagara Falls, one of the most iconic natural wonders in the world, nestled between Canada and the US.

Enjoying the heavy snowfall, Barney is thrilled to be spending his birthday in such a beautiful location and as they take in the stunning falls together, there is an emotional moment as Brad presents his son with a supersized birthday card.

Barney says: “Am I really going to read this on camera in front of everyone? This is quite embarrassing, I’m probably gonna cry and all sorts...”

Back in the warmth of the RV, the Walsh’s head towards the Canadian border to Lake Placid in Upstate New York, where winter temperatures rarely get above freezing making it a mecca for winter sports. Ice hockey is one of the most popular and Bradley and Barney pull-up outside the 7000-seater Herb Brooks Arena, where the USSR took on the USA in a showdown known as The Miracle on Ice.

As they sit in the stands, Barney explains that they were supposed to be going on the ice with local team, Northwood Boys. Bradley says: “We can still go on the ice Barns, I’ve always wanted to play in an ice hockey match. Look at the kit, it’s really cool!”

Barney isn’t convinced: “No, Absolutely not. You are literally walking like a Grandad, you can’t go on the ice. Somebody tell him! Mum’s gonna kill me…“

But defiant Bradley is soon heavily padded-up and propped-up in goal on a chair, to experience a game against Barney and the local ice hockey team.

Barney laughs: “The ‘miracle on ice’ here is that you’re here playing hockey with a broken back!”

Back on the road, Brad is faced with manoeuvring the huge RV onto a small cargo ferry, to reach the state of Vermont. But the precarious crossing is all worthwhile when Barney surprises his Dad with the news that they will be staying overnight at the Von Trapp Family Lodge, made famous by film The Sound of Music.  After the Von Trapps fled Austria during the war, in 1947 they settled in the mountainous region of Vermont. Bradley is beside himself with excitement and bursts into song: ”No way! It’s one of my favourite films!”

After an evening drinking beer with Maria Von Trapps’ grandchildren, the next morning Barney struggles to coax his dad away from his cosy log fire. But the boys are soon heading higher into the snowy mountains in style, riding a snow bike.

The Arctic conditions of Smugglers Notch mountain in Vermont mean that the beautiful waterfalls freeze over, offering some of the best ice climbing in the US. Despite Barney’s and the producers’ protests and general horror of the risks involved, Bradley insists on giving the climb a go. But halfway up in blizzard conditions, he is forced to retreat and let Barney continue with the treacherous ice climb by himself.

Bradley says: “I’m not being funny Barns, I don’t even know how I’m gonna get back down. I might be frozen. People coming up here climbing in the future might see me like this, with my flask…”

Later Barney has one more surprise up his sleeve with a spot of dog sledding in the snow, an ancient pastime that dates back to 1000 AD. The specially bred dogs are not chained for ethical reasons but can still reach speeds of 20 mph. The boys are thrilled to experience the ride inside the sleigh before it’s their turn to take the reins themselves for an inevitable race through the forest…

Afterwards, it’s time to get warm and enjoy a quick father and son duet of Edelweiss, by the roaring firepit.

Bradley and Barney continue through the snow to New Hampshire where they try rally driving, before finishing their trip with wilderness training and lobster fishing in the sub-zero temperatures of Maine.

The pair meet rally-driving champion Tim O’Neil who gives them a crash course in driving in the ice and snow before they take on a nail-biting time trial. Bradley seems to take it easy when he gets behind the wheel, and Barney is more keen on the accelerator…but who will turn out to be the fastest?

After getting out of the back seat, Bradley says: “He’s mad, he’s absolutely potty. I came down there like I’d been shot out of a cannon.”

Keen to keep the spirit of competition going, the pair head off to Moose Alley in Maine for some ten-pin bowling.

Next, Barney persuades Bradley to wrap up warm and join him in the -18 degrees snow and ice  for some wilderness training. First thing they need to do is try to light a fire, but Bradley is unimpressed by how long it takes Barney to saw a log.

Finally, as their trip draws to a close, Bradley and Barney bid farewell to the RV and take to the extremely choppy seas for some lobster fishing.

As they prepare to head home, they look back on their trip with Bradley joking: “My favourite bit was the night in hospital, because I didn’t have to get up early! It’s been an adventure. It’s been great. I love you Barns.”

Barney says: “It’s been an adventure. I loved swimming with the sharks and the white-water rafting. We’ve done some incredible things. It’s great. Love you too dad.”