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Harbour Lives

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    5 of 8

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    Fri 12 Jul 2013
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 28 2013 : Sat 06 Jul - Fri 12 Jul
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Harbour Lives follows Ben Fogle on a journey deep into the heart of beautiful Dorset, where he meets the people lucky enough to call it their home.
Much more than just a beautiful landscape, Dorset is an area steeped in history and heritage.
In episode five Ben experiences prawns at dawn, nettles for lunch and a busy afternoon in harbour control. 
Ben sets out early in the morning to go fishing with local restaurateur Pete Miles, who we met earlier in the series. Pete tells Ben how he feels at home on the sea, having spent thirty years fishing in the area. Pete was inspired to serve what he catches in his restaurant, sharing the joy of fresh seafood with others. 
Heading inland, the programme visits one of the country’s most famous old pubs nestled in the idyllic countryside, The Bottle Inn.
After closing its doors two years ago, the pub is being restored by new landlords to make it the home from home for thirsty locals. Will they rise to the challenge and be able to restore the pub to its former glory?
Spread over 14 square miles, Poole harbour is the largest natural port in Britain. Ben meets the people responsible for controlling some of the most congested waterways in the UK. 
Back in the village of Marshwood, the anticipation around the imminent re-opening of The Bottle Inn is reaching fever pitch. The locals are looking forward to the legendary watering hole restoring some of the eccentric competitions that are a pivotal part of the Dorset country code.
The Bottle Inn’s nettle eating competition is one tradition that is wrapped up in the village’s history. With a champion nettle eater taking part in what turns out to be a day to remember, this is one competition that is not for the faint hearted.
Ben ends the episode visiting Pete Miles’ restaurant to sample the catch of the day, the Poole prawns that are becoming a rare local delicacy.