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The Loch

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    5 of 6

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    Sun 09 Jul 2017
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 28 2017 : Sat 08 Jul - Fri 14 Jul
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Episode 5
Craig Petrie visits Dessie to remind him the college trip to the hydroelectric dam is still on. Dessie’s mother Mhari has doubts. Petrie insists it will do the kids good. Kieran arrives at Dessie’s as Petrie is leaving. He agrees to join the excursion. 
In the investigation, Marr continues to be a person of interest and when a police search warrant is granted and his house and possessions are pulled apart, he finally snaps and goes after Evie, to put an end to what he sees as her campaign of hatred. In doing so, his secrets are revealed..
Meanwhile, Lauren Quigley sacks Albrighton, though he warns her that something big is coming and the killer will try to top the Jonjo incident. Albrighton suggests Quigley needs him but Quigley is unwavering, she doesn’t need anyone.
Craig Petrie tells Quigley that someone fired shots at him whilst he was out running. Annie follows up the complaint and heads to see Don McGrellish’s at his farm. As she is checking the permit and asks to see the weapon, she discovers Don’s rifle is not there. Don is forced to admit that he’s been paying Dessie to shoot vermin. 
Annie pays Mhari a visit regarding Dessie and the gun. Mhari leaves Annie to search the house. During her search, Annie fails to find any trace of the gun, but she does find something else..
The police receive an urgent call about events at the hydroelectric dam where Annie and Quigley rush to and risk their lives in the process.
Just as the police think events at the dam have brought the case to a close the underwater drone on Alan’s boat picks up the image of a drowned man weighted to the bottom of the loch with curling stones.