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    Mon 21 Jul 2014
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    Week 30 2014 : Sat 19 Jul - Fri 25 Jul
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Series overview
The Speakmans will follow therapists to the stars, Nik and Eva Speakman as they attempt to successfully treat ordinary people with extraordinary problems.
In a bid to succeed where counsellors, doctors and other therapists have failed, Nik and Eva will see a range of people with debilitating psychological issues and attempt over the course of one programme to cure them.
From Agoraphobia to post traumatic stress, each programme will see a contributor introduce viewers to a problem that is affecting their life and then follow the experts in action as they seek to cure them.
Episode six: Monday 21 July: Georgia - Agoraphobia 
For nearly four years Georgia has hardly left the house. The only time she leaves the house is to walk into the field right opposite her house, but this has only been for a few minutes. Georgia believes this fear started when she was 16 whilst she was studying for her GCSE’s. Since then her agoraphobia has become more advance. She has lost her education and friends because of her isolating illness. 
Her parents: Alison and Ian are at breaking point, they become frustrated with one another as they cannot help their daughter.  Both are terrified for Georgia’s future, especially when they’re gone. 
During family mediation, Georgia's mum and sister get very emotional as they talk of the huge effect that Georgia's phobia is having on the rest of the family. 
In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Georgia witnessed a few disturbing incidents which included a man flashing himself at her.  This is one of the reason's that Georgia doesn't like to leave the house.
Can The Speakmans help Georgia leave the house?  Will Georgia finally be able to start enjoying life without a constant fear of the outside world. 
Episode seven: Tuesday 22 July: Ashlee - Dental phobia
Ashlee is terrified of the dentist and her teeth are literally rotting.  A dentist told her that she'll have no teeth left by the time she's 30!  Ashlee is a hairdresser and takes pride in her appearance but she cannot go to the dentist.  
Ashlee was born with a calcium deficiency and when she was 8 all of teeth were removed.  It was very traumatic time for her and she spent the night in hospital. Following that, she grew all new teeth and regularly went for check ups. When she was 14, she had a tooth removed and hasn't been back since. She's already missing five teeth, mainly at the back and side.  Six months ago, she noticed a small hole in her front tooth, she's now terrified that it will fall out. Ashlee can no longer eat with her back teeth, she has to chew with her front teeth. Ashlee has lost almost two stone, she rarely eats as it's too painful.  Her partner, Chris says that Ashlee was once the life and soul of the party but now she hides in the background as she's conscious of her teeth.  He says she's constantly covering her mouth and no longer enjoys a night out.  Chris would love to propose to Ashlee, but she won't get married while her teeth are like this.... 
In family mediation, Ashlee's fiance and her mother tell her how concerned they're about her as she's unable to eat solid food. 
In Therapy, The Speakmans discover that Ashlee was born with a calcium deficiency and when she was 8 she lost all her teeth, she had to say in hospital over night and went through a very traumatic time. 
Can The Speakmans help Ashlee over come her fear of the dentist?  Will Ashlee be able to get the Hollywood smile she's always dreamed of? 
Episode eight: Wednesday 23 July: Danni - Shark phobia
Danni is terrified of sharks and it's stopping her from achieving her life long dream of surfing. Danni says the ocean is her spiritual home but this fear is preventing her from swimming in deep water. Danni went into the water for this first since her childhood when she was 38 but she couldn't go beyond her knees.  She spent the day boogie boarding and absolutely loved it but she longed to go out deeper and join the surfers. Danni is determined to face her fear as she's desperate to become a surfer.  
In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Danni's fear of sharks stems from her childhood as she she used to watch the film Jaws.  Her fear was then heightened as her brother pretended that he saw a shark whilst they were swimming in the sea.  
Can The Speakmans help Danni achieve her life long dream of becoming a surfer? The Speakmans have an unbelievable surprise for Danni (they bring her swimming with sharks) but will she be able to face her fear? 
Episode nine: Thursday 24 July: Julie - Spiders
Julie has an extreme fear of spiders.  She cannot be alone in her home incase she see's a spider. If she is alone, then she'll wait outside until someone comes home. On one occasion she found a spider in her home and she pulled a complete stranger in from the street to remove it. Julie insists that her partner, David checks her clothes for spiders on a daily basis. If she needs to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, then she'll insist that David brings her to the bathroom.  Six weeks ago, Julie moved her boys (16 & 20) and her partner, David of two years to the countryside. They now live in their dream home with 1.5 acres of land for their horse but for Julie it's a complete nightmare and she's considering moving back to town.  Although, she loves the country she feels there are too many spiders in her area. Julie has only been living with her partner for the last six weeks and she's worried that her phobia will destroy their relationship.  
In mediation, the family tell Julie how much of an impact her phobia is having on the rest of the family. 
The Speakmans discover in therapy that Julie's phobia stemmed from her childhood as she grew up believing that spiders were horrible creatures. The Speakmans attempt to treat Julie by making her realise that spiders are harmless.  
Can The Speakmans treat Julie and help her overcome her phobia of spiders?  Can Julie finally enjoy life in her dream home?  
Episode ten: Friday 25 July: Karen - Social phobia
Karen has suffered with social anxiety for ten years and is terrified of people.  Karen will do anything to avoid people and she can’t go anywhere without her husband. Karen and David are cleaners at a local school which is perfect for Karen as all the pupils and teachers are gone home while she’s at work.  She spends her entire time cleaning 21 toilets as she refuses to enter a classroom just in case a teacher is working late.  Karen hasn’t even seen her grandchildren (Anouska’s children) for over  a year, although they only live four minutes down the road. Karen has gone months without seeing her sons because she feels really awkward around them. 
In family mediation, Karen's husband and children tell her how difficult it is leave with her condition. They love her but are desperate for her to overcome her anxiety. 
In therapy, The Speakmans discover that Karen has low self esteem as she was bullied at school and was in difficult relationships. 
Can The Speakmans help Karen overcome her anxiety?  Will Karen be able to get over her fear of people and start enjoying time with her family?