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Long Lost Family

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    5 of 7

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    Tue 14 Aug 2018
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 33 2018 : Sat 11 Aug - Fri 17 Aug
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Series overview
The award-winning documentary series Long Lost Family returns to ITV for a brand new series, as presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell reunite more family members with their missing relatives. Series 8 features seven heart-warming new episodes, helping relatives reunite with the loved ones they have been desperately searching for and answering questions that have haunted people for years.
Episode 5
This episode features two women looking for answers to questions that have haunted them for decades: a womanwho made a discovery as a teenager that changed her life and a mother longing to find the son she felt she let down as a baby.
Angela Brennan was a young teenager when she came across a jewellery box among her mother’s possessions. Inside, she found an official document with the words ‘Angela’ and ‘adoption’ on it. From that moment, Angela believed that she was adopted. It wasn’t until she was 18 years old, that she found the courage to ask her mother about what she’d found. Her mother revealed that the paperwork referred to an older sister, also called Angela, who had been put up for adoption by her parents before they were married.
After her parents passed away, Angela began searching for her sister. Ever since she discovered her existence, she’s been desperate to meet her and share the box of memories with her. Our second story is on behalf of a woman now living in Canada who’s longing to find the son she felt she let down as a baby.
Bronwen Hook grew up with her parents and three siblings in England. But just after she turned 18, her mother died suddenly, throwing the family into turmoil. Whilst struggling to cope with her loss, Bronwen found herself unmarried and pregnant. She didn’t feel she could tell her grieving father so she hid the pregnancy from her family.

When her son, Mark, was born, Bronwen did her best to raise him. But barely an adult herself, she found being responsible for a baby hard. Feeling like she was failing as a mother, she decided that he deserved to be raised by someone more capable – and gave Mark up for adoption. She’s always hoped she would one day see him again and be able to tell him that she’s always loved him.
Find out what happens when Long Lost Family takes on these searches.