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The Best Little Prison In Britain?

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    Wed 28 Aug 2019
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    8.00pm - 8.30pm
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    Week 35 2019 : Sat 24 Aug - Fri 30 Aug
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The Best Little Prison In Britain?
Series overview:
This new documentary series for ITV goes behind the walls of a most extraordinary little prison - on the Isle of Man - where doing time is unlike anywhere else in Britain. 
The Isle of Man, with a population of 85,000 is a proud self-governing island with its own legal system and prison regime, perceived to have a harsh sentencing policy and the only jail is a one-stop shop for all offenders convicted there.  
The prison has some of the lowest reoffending rates in Europe - purportedly due to its progressive penal policies. 
Because of the island’s small population many of the prisoners and the staff already know each other, and men, women and youths are banged up together. This series paints a picture of how girlfriends and boyfriends, even generations of the same family, serve sentences in the same prison.
It focuses on the extraordinary stories of the prison staff and its inmates, including big characters like governor Bob, who uses his wealth of experience behind bars to implement his progressive ideas, hardline head of security Margo, prison shopkeeper George ‘Stores’, and Jonesy the singing prison officer.
The series explores the relationships between inmates including girlfriend and boyfriend Goldie and Lorraine, and father and son Ross Sr and Ross Jr.
Throughout the series inmates with convictions from fraud to robbery, drug dealing to cyber crime, mix together with staff at all levels from Governor to Head of Security to officers - and talk candidly about life on the inside of this prison like no other.
Episode 5
George Store is picking up sweet supplies from the local supermarket; but there’s one chocolate he won’t be getting; Kinder Eggs. Inmates hide contraband in them then put them up their backsides. Head of Security Margo thinks the record is five! 
That’s not all the prisoners are concealing in their “prison pockets”. Margo’s had intel that there are two mobile phones on the wing. She’s out to find the culprit using her new phone detecting pole. Will any of the inmates make it light up? 
Frankie has served just over two years of his five-year sentence for dealing cocaine but good behaviour has earned him a home visit with his brother Frank. In fact nearly everyone in his family is called Frank including his dad, nephew and cousin.