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The Frankenstein Chronicles

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    5 of 6

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    Series 2
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    Tue 02 Oct 2018
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    11.15pm - 12.10am
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    Week 40 2018 : Sat 29 Sep - Fri 05 Oct
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Episode 5: The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Written by Paul Tomalin
Marlott's new intelligence brings him closer to a solution and leads him to an apparently deserted tower. However, there are darker and colder dangers inside.
Long Synopsis
Boz confirms what Marlott always believed, Daniel Hervey is alive and well and in London. Together they confront Renquist, who refuses to give them any information, but his lackey Blackwood (CHRIS COGHILL), gives Marlott the location of an abandoned bone house, where Marlott suspects Hervey is at work.  The bone house is owned by Frederick Dipple, and he uses it to store the fashionable luxury, blocks of ice.
Esther visits Dipple the day after the party and a mysterious man addresses her while she waits alone in the ballroom; he can reunite her with her son if she chooses, but it is her choice.  
companied Esther there.  The Dean of Westminster goads Peel on his failure to capture the clergy killer. A question mark now hangs over his abilities. The King is unlikely to grant Royal Ascent to his new cemetery bill.  A stung Peel is outmaneuvered.