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    Sat 08 Oct 2016
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    Week 41 2016 : Sat 08 Oct - Fri 14 Oct
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    Fri 07 Oct 2016
DARCEY BUSSELL shares her Strictly predictions and her thoughts on her fellow Judges. She also suggests ITV’s Judge Rinder could take over from Len Goodman and teaches the boys how to Tango
ALAN CARR speaks about introducing his partner to his parents for the first time and his upcoming wedding
JACK WHITEHALL jokes about being Alan’s page boy and trying to set his sister up with Olly Murs
Years & Years perform
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by dancing queen - and judge of Strictly Come Dancing - Darcey Bussell CBE; comedian and TV personality, Alan Carr and comedian and actor, Jack Whitehall.
Retired ballerina and Strictly Come Dancing judge, Darcey Bussell, shimmied to the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about her predictions for this year’s series of the dance show and her thoughts on her fellow judges.
Darcey - who has appeared as a judge on the show for five years - said of her experience: “For me as a judge it was terrifying to start with. I know my stuff but I’ve never had to deliver it live have I? I just perform it and that was that but I’m so passionate about dance so as long as that message comes across then I feel like I’m doing the right job.”
Speaking about this year’s line up, Darcey said she thinks ITV’s very own Judge Rinder has what it takes to go far: “I think Judge Rinder is definitely going [far]. He’s obviously a perfectionist because he gets really intense but he’s very funny as well with it, he’s an entertainer as you can see. He has got very good facial expressions. It’s quite good because it distracts you from the technique so maybe he’s using it as a skill… He is absolutely gorgeous.”
When Jonathan says he thinks Judge Rinder will go all the way in the competition, Darcey said, “I hope so, I really hope so.”
Speaking about who she thinks might not go so far, she said: “Well, Ed Balls. He had a lot of timing in his charleston though.” 
Judging her fellow Judges, Darcey spoke about her likes and dislikes of Head Judge, Len Goodman and fellow judges, Craig Revel Horwood and Bruno Tonioli. 
On Len she said: “He gets a bit grumpy. I think you’re right, it’s his age and a bit bossy but he is Head Judge. But what I admire the most is obviously his skill, he was judging way before this show even started. He was a great [dancer] and he always tells me he was really good at the lifts… He does get the best room in Blackpool. He is the Head Judge so all his knowledge on his ballroom and latin skills is fabulous. This is his last series, I still don’t believe he’s going to leave but yes he has announced it but maybe we could have Judge Rinder if he wins maybe. If you’re going to be head judge you’ve got to be the expert,” she said before admitting she doesn’t have any idea of who may take Len’s place although there is a “big list of others.”
On Craig, she said: “I have a lot of fun with Craig. Craig isn’t as mean as he comes across. He’s horrible [on the show] and I have to beat him up on that and he doesn’t like being mean but he carries it off very well. He says I’m rubbing off on him and he sometimes gives a higher mark than he should.”
On Bruno, she said: “His energy levels are higher than high. I feel rather old next to him actually it’s amazing, he’s so passionate about the show and all that exuberance just comes out naturally and that’s what he is like. He’s only calm when he’s smoking backstage.”
Jack - who works alongside Jamie Redknapp on A League Of Their Own - admitted he had been teasing Jamie about the ‘Strictly Curse’ which sees dancers pair up with their celebrities on the show.
He said: “I have to go down, I have to support Louise because I’ve basically been winding Jamie up for the last month about ‘the Strictly curse’… I just was winding Jamie up, he was facetiming her every hour. He nearly punched me,” he joked. “Louise is a brilliant dancer and I want her to win, I’m Team Louise.” 
Darcey admitted she thought because of Louise’s dancing skill, she could go “all the way” in the competition and on the ‘Strictly curse’ she said: “It’s very tactile isn’t it. Celebrities think that the dancers are coming on to them, but they’re not. It’s just the job.”
Speaking about whether he’d ever go on a show like it, Jack joked: “I’d be better if there was an urban Strictly Come Dancing, if you were on the street. Maybe if I was in a car park throwing down a bit of the whip nae nae, a few cheeky slut drops. My dancing is too hardcore for Strictly. I’ve got a wonderful dutty wine as well… I couldn’t do it, I’d be absolutely terrified.”
Looking ahead to the rest of the Strictly series, Darcey said: “I think it’s time for a boy [to win]… There is a lot of good talent there… You never know. It’s amazing how the show turns.”
Showcasing her best Poker Face to Jonathan, Darcey reacted to the contestant names as Jonathan read them out. Teasing about who she thought would be successful in the competition and who could potentially win, she raised her eyebrows when he asked about Daisy Lowe, winked about Danny Mac and suggested she thought Greg Rutherford perhaps had a good chance. On Judge Rinder, she slowly nodded at how successful she thought he’d be and raised her eyebrows approvingly at the idea of Louise Redknapp and Will Young’s success in the show.
On retiring from ballet, Darcey said: “I was really excited about stopping weirdly. I’d had two kids and I was still working when my oldest was six and my youngest was three, so I’d really pushed the bounds trying to juggle our life and go on tour and all of that. When I actually made that decision I was going, ‘Great, I’m going to be free’ but weirdly I missed it instantly and it wasn’t that I missed the hard work, I missed the people.”
Comedian and TV personality, Alan Carr, joined the sofa and spoke about his recent engagement, wedding plans and friendship with Adele.
Following his recent engagement to partner, Paul, Alan said: “I thought I’d be single forever, I really did. He is a lovely man isn’t he!”
Sharing details about the engagement, he said: We’re on holiday in Lombok where homosexuality is illegal. Paul doesn’t read any books on history or anything, I’m just pretending he’s a friend all through the holiday because I don’t want to be put in prison or whatever… The dessert has come and we’re in a little boutique hotel, there’s six tables overlooking the sea and there’s a man playing a casio organ playing ‘Tears for Fears’ and I eat this dessert and think a filling has come out, it was the ring. He went, ‘Will you marry me?’ and I said ‘yes’ and just as I said ‘yes’ the hotel manager, the cleaner and the waitress stood behind the man playing the casio organ and sang ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ [over and over again].
Speaking about his partner’s eccentric style, Alan said: “He’s a bit like a Sunderland Su Pollard [wearing] things you wouldn’t usually put together. You know my dad is a bit of a footballing scout now and I was terrified of introducing them but I thought you’ve got to introduce them so I took him up to Northampton and I put them in a really nice restaurant. Paul turns up, he’s got yellow crocs on, green shorts, a really disgusting outfit and my mum goes ‘Oh Paul don’t wear that, this is a nice restaurant go [and get changed into something of Alan’s.]’ Well we’re leaving in about five minutes he’s at the top of the stairs he goes ‘Hey Christine is this alright?’”
Laughing, Alan explains: “He’s wearing my mum’s clothes. Skirt, flowers and a handbag… It was so eggy but then everyone laughed. They love him, perfect.”
Alan also spoke about his friend, global megastar Adele: The papers like to think that we’re more friendly, we are friends but we ain’t bessies. People just imagine us down at the Dog and Duck having a pint [cackling]. I see her three, four times a year. I think she’s friends with Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence, she must be pulling her hair out because they keep mentioning me. I love her but we’re not bessies.”
And referring to reports that Adele would sing at Alan’s wedding, he laughed: “I’d never ask, it would be embarrassing! I want the day to be about me. All the cameras would be [pointing at her].”
Alan spoke about the time when Adele stayed with him after releasing her album, 21. “She was at her lowest ebb, she was upset, she stayed in my spare room just for two or three days… She was up there for two or three days, we forgot that she was up there. I’m a busy person and then my Paul went ‘Adele is upstairs’ then I thought, ‘Oh my God, say she’s dead, she’s died of a broken heart…’ We took a sandwich up and a cup of tea and it was like Springwatch because we left it by her door then we heard [her laughing] so we knew she was there. I am such a big fan of her, that affects the friendship because I love her so much… She borrowed my ipod once and all the top 25 played [were her songs].”
And on being mistaken for celebs, Alan said: “I was outside the pub having a drink with my brother, this man comes along and says, ‘I know you. I love you on the telly…’ I [introduced him to my brother Gary] and he went, ‘He ain’t your brother, he’s not chinese… you’re Gok Wan!’... This man would not go until I went ‘Ahh fashion!’” he laughed.
Alan admitted he felt he might be the ‘novelty act’ if he was ever to agree to do Strictly: “You would have me as an Anne Widdecombe or a John Sargent but I would like to be quite a sexy dancer.”
Darcey agreed to teach him, Jonathan and Jack the Tango and they all get involved in the dancing. [Pictures available from Rex]
Actor and comedian, Jack Whitehall, joked with Alan Carr about being his page boy. Joking that he and Jonathan hadn’t received a wedding invitation yet, Alan said: “I’ve only been engaged seven days, I haven’t had a thought about it yet. I don’t know what I’m wearing, I don’t know where it’s going to be, will you come on the stag do?” 
Jack said: “100 per cent and I’d love to be a page boy too… I’ve got a little velvet suit. I’d love to be a page boy!”
Speaking to Jonathan about trying to set his sister up, Jack admitted: “My sister has a lovely boyfriend now but I tried to hook her up once when I was doing a charity gig with Olly Murs… She loved Olly Murs so I was like, I’m going to do what any good brother would do in that situation, I’ll jot down her number and say ‘call me’ and then slip that under the door of his dressing room and hopefully create a wonderful relationship.”
He continued: “It was meant to be a nice gesture. Anyway it backfired because I put it under the wrong dressing room, I saw Olly Murs walk out of another dressing room and I was like, ‘Who’s dressing room is that?’ It was Paul Potts dressing room who was also on the show,” he laughed.