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The Level

  • Episode: 

    5 of 6

  • Transmission (TX): 

    Fri 28 Oct 2016
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 43 2016 : Sat 22 Oct - Fri 28 Oct
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Episode 5
As police comb the Le Saux haulage yard for clues, Nancy must hide her guilt from both a fraught Hayley and her colleagues – a task made more difficult when she realises to her horror that she’s left incriminating evidence at the scene.
Worse, Nancy hears that her mother has gone missing from her psychiatric ward. Believing him to be responsible, Nancy confronts Nash, but Nash coolly turns the tables, leaving her even more distraught. Emotional comfort comes from an unexpected source, and Nancy suddenly realises a relationship might be possible - if only she weren’t so compromised.
The missing truck is found but before the police have time to recover it it disappears again. Newman suspects Elliot now knows where it is. Nancy must use her undercover role to trap him into revealing its whereabouts. Newman mounts a risky armed operation to ensnare both Elliot and the truck.  But events spiral out of control when Nancy goes unprotected into the lion’s den – with unexpected and bloody consequences.
As the shocking contents of the truck are revealed, the case seems close to being solved. But Nancy knows there’s more – and that the killer is still at large. Before she can go further, Nash plays his hand – and Nancy’s career is suddenly on the line.