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    Thu 07 Nov 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 45 2013 : Sat 02 Nov - Fri 08 Nov
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Elizabeth (Natasha Little) continues to try to manage the situation with Mulligan (Iain Glen) alone but it soon becomes clear that it has spiralled out of control and he cannot be reasoned with. In so deep and unable to turn to Otto (Jack Davenport), Elizabeth comes to the desperate realisation that Mulligan might win.
Angela (Catherine Steadman) finally succumbs to her feelings for Otto but before anything can happen Elizabeth and Thomas (Rudi Goodman) arrive at the hospital giving Angela a cruel and humiliating reminder that he is a married man. Angela is unaware that the reality she sees may not be quite what it seems.
Charlie (Shaun Dingwall) has a job opportunity in St Albans and Lily (Joanna Page) sees a future that she has never quite felt was attainable in London, with Charlie permanently in Otto’s shadow. Charlie too is seduced by the possibility of this new future but his ties to Otto run deep into the past and he may not be capable of breaking away.
Richard’s (Oliver Chris) lover, Margaret (Sarah Parish), comes to the hospital for exploratory surgery and her prognosis leaves Richard devastated. Out of bad situations comes the opportunity for good, at least this is what Otto is counting on when he orchestrates a risky plan to set Richard and Jean’s crumbling marriage back on track.
Series synopsis: 
Breathless follows the lives of a group of doctors and nurses working in a London hospital, a world in which everything and everyone has their place. But underneath the shiny veneer simmers a cauldron of lies, deception and guilty secrets, driven by love, ambition and sex.
Set in and around a busy Gynaecology unit, medicine becomes the perfect stage to play out the shifting and complex moral codes of early 1960s society.
Principal cast:
Otto Powell - Jack Davenport
Dr Richard Truscott - Oliver Chris
Dr Charlie Enderbury - Shaun Dingwall
Angela Wilson - Catherine Steadman
Elizabeth Powell - Natasha Little
Jean Meecher - Zoe Boyle
Lily Enderbury - Joanna Page
Dr Mehta - Ronny Jhutti
Chief Inspector Mulligan - Iain Glen 
Regular cast:
Mrs Johnstone - Melanie Kilburn
Thomas Powell - Rudi Goodman
Monty Meecher - Finbar Lynch
Maureen Mulligan - Holli Dempsey
Sister Neville - Dystin Johnson
Matron Vosper - Diane Fletcher
Mr Truscott - Michael Troughton
Mrs Truscott - Cheryl Campbell
Mrs Mulligan - Cathy Sara
Margaret - Sarah Parish
Sam Roth - Tom Rosenthal
Susan Mehta - Sophie Scott 
Inspector Thompson - Gordon Kennedy
Penny - Pennie Downie
Episode five:
Mr Soames - Nick Waring
Watson - William Chubb
Guide - Sherry Baines
Policeman - Sam Coulson