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    Sat 15 Nov 2014
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    Week 47 2014 : Sat 15 Nov - Fri 21 Nov
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    Sat 15 Nov 2014
- MICHAEL PALIN reveals that fans may not have seen the last of Monty Python.  
- GORDON RAMSAY admits that he does not swear in front of his children. 
- KATHERINE JENKINS reveals that she had her dad’s name sewn into her wedding dress so he could accompany her down the aisle and challenges Jonathan and Gordon to sing with her.
CAREY MULLIGAN admits that chef Gordon Ramsay worked for her father and once made club sandwiches for her brother. 
On this week’s show Jonathan Ross was joined by chef Gordon Ramsay, Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan, Monty Python’s Michael Palin and operatic superstar Katherine Jenkins for the fifth episode of The Jonathan Ross Show which airs on ITV at 9.55pm on Saturday 15th November.
Fiery chef Gordon Ramsay spoke to host Jonathan Ross about his reluctance to swear in front of his kids and how he has experienced sabotage at the opening of his new restaurant Heddon Street Kitchen.   
On swearing, Gordon admitted, “I like to think it’s an industry language.  I’ve worked with some great chefs and when I’ve made a mistake there’s a naughty word that comes out.  But do I want Matilda and Jack walking around swearing? Definitely not.”   
When asked if he tells them off, Gordon continued, “I don’t have ground to stand on and more importantly they’d just say ‘shut up dad you knob’. They know it’s not smart.  Kids today get so much more distracted than we did.  You don’t need to listen to your parents using foul language, you just have to go on the internet.  We’re careful with that, but I don’t swear around them.”   
Gordon continued, “You need a reason. I watched Jack play rugby a couple of weeks back, it was a full on game and the language on that pitch was insane.  Its like in the kitchen when things go wrong and you want to get things to perfection.”  
Gordon added, “I need a reason to swear.  Some people think it’s offensive, I’m not proud of it, I don’t do it often.”  
Talking about the opening of his new restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen, Gordon admitted that he experienced sabotage when 100 tables did not show up on their weekend opening.  
Gordon said, “I think there’s all that level of envy.  Saturday was our first big day we had 140 on the books and we had a 100 no show. So someone would have been on a computer…” 
When Jonathan asked if this was deliberate, Gordon claimed, “Yep, sabotage.  It’s bad spirit and you see the staff and they are down and frustrated, I was there to pick them up and make sure we stay focused.  Now we’re going to reconfirm every table.”  
Gordon talked openly about his estranged sibling who has battled substance addiction. 
The chef revealed, “Its hard every time you see him, God bless him, it reopens those wounds.  Like any addict they live for the day and each day’s a challenge.  Sometimes you’ve got to be a little bit stronger than the previous time, introduce tough love and they’ve got to hit rock bottom before they want to get out of that scenario.  I think its more painful from the outside for mum.  Yeah he’s my little brother, yeah there’s fifteen months between us, yeah our lives have gone left and right.  There’s not a day that I never think about him (my brother). Now with the Gordon Ramsay Foundation, looking at a dreadful disease like cancer, unfortunately when you get diagnosed you don’t have a choice but you do have a choice when you use drugs so we (myself and my brother) always clash and it’s hard.  We had bunk beds, we grew up together to see him like that - its tough.”  
When asked about his previous attempts to help his brother, Gordon said, “I think its too easy, they have access to cash, they are supported brilliantly in this country and so it becomes a little bit too easy for them to use.  Its cheaper than alcohol.  As a parent you’ve got to set that example, it’s hard but in many ways I get a little bit upset that I’m running away from it, so it’s close to me but you stay focused on staying clean.”  
Currently on a fitness drive for the Gordon Ramsay Foundation, the chef challenged Jonathan to take part in his Iron Man fundraiser next summer.  The event will include a 1.5k swin, 90k bike and a half marathon.  
Gordon explained,  “We launched the Gordon Ramsay Foundation at the beginning of the year in association with Cancer Research and then next summer we are doing a Gordon Ramsay 100 which is an Iron Man in Staffordshire. 
Jonathan Ross, “I think I could do the swimming and I think I could do the bike ride but then I think I’d want a nap!” 
Gordon joked, “Just think of the achievement to do a Iron Man in your mid-fifties.”  Host Jonathan revealed he is going to try and take on the challenge.   
Comedian and TV travel host Michael Palin revealed that, whilst there are no current plans for Monty Python, never say never.  
Michael said, “Well it could happen. “  He then joked, “I might need some (money) for my knee operation or something!”  
On their recent Monty Python Tour, Michael said, “We said this right from the beginning actually, that we would do ten shows and make them really good spectacular shows. They cost a lot of money, about three or four million to stage the thing.  We’d make them really good we’d do them just in London, the place where Python began and that would be it and the last one would be in cinemas right around the world and that would be it. We just kept together for ten shows, kept speaking to each other and being fairly civil.  But that was definitely the way we were going to do it.”    
Michael also revealed the shock at discovering his wife had a benign brain tumour whilst filming his successful travel show. 
He said, “My wife did ring me and we were on the island of Borneo and she told me she’d be diagnosed with a brain tumour.  It was a benign brain tumour, it was the side of the brain, it wasn’t the centre of the brain.  It was absolutely stunning and an impossible thing to take in when you’re that far away and in completely different circumstances.  She (my wife) was quite brilliant, she talked me down from total panic. My first instinct was to rush out of the hotel and get on the plane and go back.  She said ‘don’t, it will take you two or three days to get back, you’ll be in a panic and I’ll be worrying about you being in a panic’.  In the end I talked to the surgeon regularly, he was a brilliant man, he’d ring me up from wherever I was and say exactly what was going to happen to her.  
“He (the surgeon) said it was a routine operation because it was benign but you know, brain tumours and all that, nothing is routine.  So I flew back afterwards and she was just out of hospital.  I arrived home with this terrible cold because I’d been travelling so much and she was looking after me!  Fortunately it was ok, it was a horrible thing to take in.”   
Michael also admitted that one of the worst delicacies he had during the filming was camel’s kidney. 
Michael said, “We were in a refuge camp in Algeria and as ever in the world the poorest give you the most.  On the last day the lady said, ‘please there is one thing you should have before you go,’ and she handed me this kidney, it was the only bit we hadn’t eaten.  As it came up to my mouth I smelt it and it was off.  But she was smiling so broadly so it would have been awful to bin it behind me so I ate it.  I then had to go off and interview some Guerilla leader in the desert but had to stop all our vehicles so I could throw up in the desert.  The interesting thing was all my crew were very embarrassed for me and I actually felt really rotten, but one of our guides from the refuge camp came up to me, gave me some water and just put his cool hand on my forehead, I was very moved!”   
Singing sensation, Katherine Jenkins tells Jonathan about her recent nuptials to husband Andrew Levitis and being granted permission by the Queen to wed at Hampton Court Palace.  
The fiercely private opera singer expressed her gratitude to Hollywood superstar George Clooney for marrying on the same day, and also revealed how she sewed her late father’s name in her wedding dress so he was with her when she walked down the aisle. 
Katherine said, “We got married at Hampton Court Palace and we were very lucky because we were the first people allowed to be married in the state apartments there so it felt very special.  I think previously you could get married in the grounds, you could get married in the chapel if you fulfilled certain criteria, but we were the first to be allowed to marry inside the palace so that was amazing.”   
Katherine continued, “Thank God for George Clooney is all I can say.  If I saw him I’d kiss him.  I’ve always said that I wouldn’t want to sell my wedding. We got an offer to do that but I just wanted to be a normal bride and groom, have the family and not be like a big showbiz thing.  So when I saw that they were getting married on the same day it was like ‘brilliant hopefully now we’ve got a chance to do this in a low-key way.’ 
“With these magazine deals, and by the way there’s nothing wrong with anybody else doing that, I never wanted any publicity from our wedding day.”   
The singer also revealed that the pair embraced both of their heritages with the wedding incorporating Jewish aspects for husband Andrew Levistas as well as her Welsh roots.  The singer said, “We paid tribute to both our backgrounds.  We were very lucky to get permission to fly the Welsh flag above Hampton Court Palace, which again has never happened.  We got permission from the Queen, which was pretty amazing.  I did send flowers to say thank you.  It was important to pay tribute to both backgrounds and it was a mix of the two.”   
Katherine also revealed how husband Andrew stumbled across a different view of her hometown, she said, “He (Andrew) did come to Neath at Christmas last year.  I love Wales so much, so obviously I’ve raved about how amazing it is.  There’s these beautiful valleys, it’s like picture postcard.  And then a week before he was coming to Wales he found a Facebook page called Drunken Welsh people in the street and I thought ‘Oh God am I on it?’  But he did come to Wales and has totally fallen in love with it.”    
Speaking about her late father, the singer revealed that she did something special to ensure he was with her on her wedding day, she said, “I was fifteen when he passed away quite suddenly and it spurs me on.  I want to do well in his memory and all my albums are dedicated to him.  I had his name sewn into my wedding dress when I walked down the aisle, so he walked down with me.  So he was there.  
The award-winning soprano also enticed host Jonathan and fellow guest Gordon to sing ‘Barcelona’.  
Hollywood actress Carey Mulligan reveals that fellow guest Gordon Ramsay used to work for her father and once made her brother a club sandwich.  
Carey said to Gordon, “I actually have a really weird thing that I have to say.  My father was a hotel manager.   The first hotel he was a residential hotel manager in was the Mayfair, it was when you were there working as the big chef.  So you once made a club sandwich for my brother.” 
Gordon admitted, “That was my first ever job, first position was in room service getting my arse kicked.  I used to take my frustration out on those club sandwiches.  (Your dad) had an amazing penthouse on the top floor.  You’re up against it and getting pressure every time an order came down.  Trust me the big executives came in and we had to do three or four of them (club sandwiches) and then they’d select one that going upstairs.  And every time they selected it, it was mine.  
Carey also revealed, “Mr Mulligan spoke very highly (of Gordon), when I said I was doing this, he said ‘oh you must tell him (Gordon Ramsay) about the club sandwiches.’”   
The actress also revealed the perils of cooking on stage during the production of hit show, Skylight.  
She said, “I had to learn how to cook because I don’t really cook, so I went to a restaurant to learn how to make Spaghetti Bolognese (which I have to cook on stage).  There were countless disasters when I was on stage with the gas not working so I had to do a whole raw spaghetti Bolognese one night.”
She continued, “One night I slammed my hand down on the table and hit the tin, slicing my hand open.  I could feel liquid in my hand start to fill up.  I cupped my hand so that the blood would fill up into a little pile, it was seven minutes until the end of the act.  I just thought I can’t let the audience know, that would be so weird that the audience would see me bleeding everywhere.  I kept it (in my hand) behind my back and when I finished I threw it off stage. “  
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.