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    Sat 14 Nov 2015
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CRISTIANO RONALDO speaks exclusively and openly about his career, family and “special someone”. He talks about Manchester United, Lionel Messi and Sir Alex Ferguson and opens up about his son, Cristiano, and his plans to reveal the identity of his biological mother.
DAVID TENNANT talks about being Doctor Who and announces he has welcomed baby number four to the family
AGYNESS DEYN talks about preparing for her acting roles and learning about labour scenes
And a music performance from James Morrison
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by arguably the best football player in the world - Cristiano Ronaldo - for an exclusive interview as he sits down for a chat for the first time anywhere in the world outside his native Portugal.
Jonathan is also joined by star of the small screen, David Tennant and model and actress, Agyness Deyn with a musical performance by James Morrison.
Global sporting icon, Cristiano Ronaldo, joined the sofa and spoke to Jonathan about his career, family life and ambitions for the future.
On living in England and English people, Cristiano said: “I was here in England for six years and I respect English people a lot because they are very polite and they respect [you]. But it’s true, the time I spent here, people treated me unbelievably. I’m never going to forget that and this is why I say and I’m going to repeat, English people they are polite for me because they respect [you].”
Ronaldo - who joined Manchester United FC aged 18 - spoke about meeting Alex Ferguson and his relationship with the former manager: “It was the key why I [moved] here to England because I remember I had a conversation with him when we - Sporting [Lisbon] - played against Manchester and we had a quick chat and he told me, ‘Listen I am interested in you, I want you to join us in Manchester.’ It was the key, so he is an unbelievable person, the people don’t really know him but I know… he’s unbelievable he [treated] me very [well]. As I said many times, he is like a father for me in football. I have to appreciate what he did for me, I passed six seasons in Manchester very [well], I won many titles in terms of collective and individual. It was [an] unbelievable [time] for me here in England.”
Joking about the legendary manager’s accent, Ronaldo said he struggled to understand it: “I still don’t understand him! In the beginning, I had a translator, a Brazillian man, of course, basically only for him.”
Speaking about Sir Alex’s advice to him over the years, Cristiano said: “I’m humble in the way that I always like to learn… Probably maybe for you or for many people, I’m the best player but I still want to learn, I still want to work hard to dedicate myself all the time because you don’t achieve nothing without the work… I have to appreciate the work that he had with me because I learnt many things with him so I have to appreciate the unbelievable moments, but [also] the bad moments because that made me grow up as a player.”
He continued: “He [taught] me in both ways in terms of player… and in terms of personal stuff. I just have to say thank you for what he did for me. Especially when I remember the thing that I have [most] in my memories, the time when my father was sick in hospital and we had a tough moment of the season because we had an important game in the Champions League and I said, ‘Coach I need to go to see my daddy’ and I was a key player, I was a very important player and he said, ‘Listen, your personal life, your family is the important thing that you have in your life. If you want to go three days, four days, five days you can go.’ This moment is what I keep for me because it was the most important time in my life and he shared it with me. This is why I respect him and for me he's the best coach I ever had.”
Cristiano also opened up about his biological father, who died of alcoholism in 2005. On whether he wishes things were different, Cristiano said: “I’m not complaining. It’s the life. Of course as I say in my movie, I wish to have a better dad in that way [but] it is what it is. I have to respect the decisions he made, the decisions I made in my life and I’m happy because it [taught] me many things, him and my mum and my brothers and I’m a happy man, you know, I just have him in my mind all the time but it’s good that life is like that. And we have to respect and when I speak about him I feel so proud because he [taught] me many things and it’s great. I’m not unhappy, I’m so happy.”
On the memories he holds of his father, he said: “I have unbelievable memories when I start[ed] to play football, I was different than everybody, I was more special…” Laughing, he said, “Still. It is true, I feel different than the other ones, I feel more special, I feel people look at me with different eyes - [when I was younger people thought] this boy can be a professional player. I feel that to be honest, my father was so proud of me because he was a kit man of a football club and I score[d] goals and the next day I [was] in the paper - like a small part - and he was so proud he showed his whole friends in the neighbourhood. It’s unbelievable memories that I have and it’s great. I just have his memories in my mind.”
When Jonathan asked about how the movie of his life came about, Cristiano said: “I just was in shock, a movie about me?”
When Jonathan joked that Cristiano may have thought, “Why me? Why not Lionel Messi?” the footballing champ said, “No I understand them, they are looking for the best player in the world so…”
Cristiano opened up about his son, also named Cristiano, and told the show he would like more children: “Yes, a few more, I want three, four more.”
On his son’s ambitions to be a goalkeeper, Cristiano said: “Yes, this is going to be a huge problem for me,” he laughed, “He changes his mind every second. You know kids, he’s five and he changes his mind all the time but he’s going to be whatever he wants, I don’t make pressure because my father and my mum never made pressure to me so I’m not going to do this to my son.”
In a film about his life, Cristiano’s mother spoke about him being an unwanted child. When asked how he felt about this, Cristiano told Jonathan: “Normal… Not just me, it doesn’t change anything in my mind. As I said before, I was a special kid and I help all my family so I am happy, very happy.”
And if a friend didn’t show love to his mother, Cristiano said: “They’re never going to be with me, next to me because I have security and [they can] make him sleep so!”
Cristiano revealed that his mother takes tranquilisers to get through some of his games. On this, he said: “I just make a rule, big games she cannot watch. It’s true, I don’t take her to my box or I put someone in the home to go and walk with her when the game starts. It’s the solution… I understand my family cannot deal [with it] because it’s difficult when press start to speak on television all the time… They always speak about the same thing and if you watch TV you become more anxious, more nervous and I avoid all of that because I don’t watch TV, I don’t read newspapers, so I live comfortable, I just live my life comfortably, just training hard, playing better as much as I can and it’s good. I don’t have pressure.”
On the contrast of his son’s life to how his life was growing up, Ronaldo said: “It’s not easy, it’s not going to be easy but for me in my mind the way of thinking, it’s all about education. If you will give good education, he will be strong and he will now appreciate the things. I cannot avoid to show him a good car, good houses, a good quality of life. You cannot avoid you know… If you will be in my shoes what are you going to do? It’s all about education, you have to give good education and pass to him. [I tell him] to win this, Daddy works hard, to have this house, to have this car. I cannot do anything more and my mum helps him a lot, my brothers, the education of family is kind of similar and Cristiano is going to have the same education as me and after in the future, he’s going to be whatever he wants. I cannot control that.”
“I have to tell him the way I see the life, the proper life, not too much because he has to grow like a normal kid but a few things that I think are not correct, I have to tell him.”
Cristiano has never revealed and never intends to share the identity of the biological mother of his son. Jonathan said, “The thing that occured to me while watching the film is your mother is so central and important to your life but he [son, Cristiano] does not have that relationship with his mother. Surely that must concern you?”
Cristiano said: “For me it is not a problem. I will say in the world, many kids don't have mum, don’t have dads or dads die or mums die... Cristiano has a dad, an unbelievable dad. [He has] a grandmother, I have the support of my family, great of course. It will be like, ‘why don’t you [say?]’ Listen, some points in life it’s private and people have to respect the privacy of other people. When Cristiano is going to grow up, I am always always going to say the truth to him because he deserves, because he is my son but I am not going to say because people want me to say.”
Jonathan said, “You don’t owe the world an explanation but you obviously feel that you would owe him the truth?” to which Cristiano replied, “yes.”
When asked at what age he will share that information, Cristiano said: “I’m not worried about that, he’s going to understand his daddy, he is going understand I am sure 100%. 100% he is going to understand me. I’m going to say the time when I feel that the time, that is the right time. I don’t know 10, 11, 12? I don’t know let’s see.”
Asking about his personal life, Jonathan asked if there was a “special someone” in Cristiano’s life right now. “A few,” Cristiano replied, simply.
“Honesty, honesty, honesty,” Jonathan laughed, “And of the few specials, do they know they’re competing?”
“I need to figure out who is better,” Cristiano smiled cheekily, “some know, yes.”
When asked if he found it hard to meet people for a relationship, the footballer said: “Well it’s not easy, of course not. To speak serious, it’s not easy. I know 50% they approach just for interest, it’s normal, not just me but all the people who are famous they have these kinds of problems. But in another way, I think I’m a confident guy, I’m tall, I have [my] own teeth, I have a nice body so I think the other 50% it’s because…” “They like you?” Jonathan asked, “Yes, I think so” Cristiano replied.
Looking to the future, Ronaldo said he isn’t looking to become a coach: “No passions to be a coach, I want to carry on with my brands… I have many brands and I want that still, I want still to grow with my brands.”
Ronaldo - who has earned three Ballon d’Or awards and currently holds the title - spoke about winning it again when it is announced in January: “To be honest I think Messi is going to win this year because this kind of trophy, it depends on votes. You win competitions, you win Champions League you win the league in terms of individual. I did probably the best season of my career which is good and I was the highest scorer in Europe [but] it’s all about votes, it’s difficult and to be honest I’m not very worried about that because as I said many times, I never [thought I’d] win three times to be honest.”
Even if he doesn’t win again in January, Cristiano said he has hopes to again one day: “Well I’m still young I think… I think I can, I want to play six, seven years more and I think I’m still able to win collective things because if you don’t win collective things, you cannot win individual.”
Speaking about Lionel Messi - who is always reported as a rival of Ronaldo’s - he said: “I don’t have rivals, we have a normal relationship. We shared this stage at FIFA [for] eight years. No one has done that in the past - only us - so it’s good. I have a good relationship with him, he plays for one club, I play for another club. He won the best for him, I won the best for me. We have a good relationship, we are not home friends but we respect each other.”
Speaking about up and coming players like Gareth Bale joining Real Madrid, Cristiano said he doesn’t find it threatening: “It’s normal, it’s part of the business, it’s a process. The older players are going to retire and then it’s going to [be] the new players, it’s normal. I’m just looking for that with normal eyes, I win everything in football so I’m happy, I’m comfortable and it’s normal and I’m glad that Real Madrid bring this kind of player [to the team]. He is a great player so I feel comfortable. No problem at all for me.”
Speaking about English teams he supports and watches, Ronaldo said: “I’m a huge supporter of Manchester United - as I say many times, I’m very comfortable in Real Madrid now, I feel happy… But as people know I like Manchester United, I love that club, but [the] future, nobody knows. But right now I feel good and I feel happy in Real Madrid.”
On playing for a team in the USA or Dubai, Cristiano said: “In my mind I want to finish in the top level, I want to finish with dignity so in a good club. It doesn’t mean that to go USA or Qatar or Dubai is not good but I don’t see myself…” “You wouldn’t want that for you?” Jonathan asked, “No,” Cristiano replied.
Broadchurch star, David Tennant, joined the sofa and spoke about one of his other leading roles as Doctor Who. Speaking to Jonathan about his time on the show, David said: “It was a lovely time and a time that I think of very fondly. But you know, you have your time and you move on, but it will always be with me… It never goes away. The first line of the obituary, I suspect, has been written. But that’s fine, I’m very proud of it.”
Admitting his children are fans of the show, David said: “[My eldest] Ty grew up with it but the younger two have just got into it. And I did not force this upon them! My wife and I met on Doctor Who and they saw a picture, they got wind of that. So they wanted to see it and they watched the episode we met on, and then they developed this passion for it. So it’s now on in our house all the time, which is embarrassing when people come round because it looks like there’s a moving shrine to myself in the corner of the living room at all times.”
He added: “But then the other day, Olive [my daughter] watched my last one, and I thought ‘this is fine’, I wasn’t really thinking about it. It gets quite sad toward the end, and she was wrapped so I wasn’t really paying any attention to the way she was reacting to it. And then she got really upset, really upset! You know, quite moved! Part of me was thinking, ‘Aw [she] doesn’t want to see her daddy moving on.’ Four hours later she was still crying, at which point it felt like bad parenting, I have to be honest… Now of course yesterday she found Matt Smith and he’s her favourite. They’re fickle.”
Speaking about adding to his family, David announced that he has just welcomed a fourth child into the family, a baby girl: “We’ve just had another one!” he started, “We’re quite pleased. We managed to [keep that] under the radar, which is how we like to do it on the whole.” 
When Jonathan asked if he thinks this will be it and David won’t be adding any more to his brood, David said: “I think, probably? We’ll see… I think we’re a very happy family.”
Model and actress, Agyness Deyn, also joined the sofa and spoke about practicing for her labour scenes and learning to be a stripper.
Speaking to Jonathan about a scene in her new film where she gives birth, Agyness said: “I spoke to my mum. I remember the night before we were shooting that [scene]... You look at the schedule and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s tomorrow! I didn’t realise.’ I spoke to my mum [on the phone] and was like ‘You have to walk me through what it was like giving birth to me.’ So it was really interesting, she walked me through the whole thing, it was kind of fun.”
When asked if it put her off the idea of actual childbirth, Agyness said: “No, I’m really excited to experience it actually.”
Agyness also spoke about preparing for a role in the film, Pusher, where she played a stripper. On immersing herself into the character, Agyness told Jonathan: “I love prepping. I love throwing myself in and learning the reality of the character. I suppose my first ever bigger role that I did was in Pusher, and that was really interesting because I was like ‘wow, this is so fun to prep’ because you get to go into the world. I was playing a young woman who was a stripper, but she was really gentle; she had a really gentle, childlike quality about her.” 
She continued: “On the audition we did all the heavy emotional scenes, and when I got offered the part I was like ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to do the stripping stuff!’ So then I got hooked up with this wonderful young woman called Jenny and I kind of went to work with her. They just opened up the place and I was just around all the time and watching how they operated and stuff. And in between shifts we’d go in the back room and they nicknamed me ‘Bambi’ because I was just so all over the place with my legs shaking. It was funny, one time we were sat there and we were all just chatting … And this one chap came over and said, ‘Can I have a dance, love?’… I said, ‘I’m not in my gear!’ I had my black dress on but was wearing Dr Martens – and he said, ‘no no no, you can keep them on!’” she said laughing.