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Prize Island

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    5 of 6

  • Transmission (TX): 

    Sun 24 Nov 2013
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  • Time: 

    5.35pm - 6.35pm
  • Week: 

    Week 48 2013 : Sat 23 Nov - Fri 29 Nov
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Hosted by Alexander Armstrong & Emma Willis, Prize Island is a new, action-packed gameshow set on a sun-baked tropical island. Here, ordinary couples arrive in an extraordinary place to participate in incredible games and challenges to win prizes.  The island is a magical place, remote and untouched by the modern world - it is exactly the kind of paradise where we all dream of being marooned, filled with wildlife, sweeping landscapes, the odd vast shipwreck and tons of prizes.
The entire island is the show’s set, with over-the-top stunts and colourful games scattered across the landscape. A surprise lurks round every corner… fitted kitchens appearing from the ocean, TVs in the undergrowth, even hairdryers with very modern technology that lock in moisture dug from the prize seams beneath the abandoned Old Gold Mine. There is even the wreck of a half-submerged pirate galleon in one of the bays across which the contestants must race to stay in the competition.
In this week’s show four couples arrive on Prize Island to compete in thrilling games like ‘Net Trap’, ‘Shipwreck’ and ‘Coconut Superstore’. After each round a team is eliminated, leaving only one couple to compete in the final located at the remote and mysterious Moonfish Bay. In ‘Buried Treasure’ the finalists will attempt to locate and win the ultimate prize buried in the sands - a new car and £50,000. 
Lining up to compete for all the prizes the island has to offer are four excitable pairs of contestants and none are more giddy than George and Mea, best friends from Newcastle. Mea sings in a Take That tribute act and George is “one helluva dancer”, according to Mea. Lining up alongside are Darren & Joanne, best friends at work and a determined, if quirky double act. They are Crime Scene Investigators have no fear and are forensic in their detailed preparations. Lynn and Victoria look alike and sound alike, but that’s where the differences stop. This driven and competitive mother and daughter share a very different outlook on life: Mum Lynn is glamorous with beautiful nails and immaculate hair; daughter Victoria used to be in the armed forces and thinks nothing of physical challenges. Childhood sweethearts Naomi and Chris however are not to be trifled with. They may look like an innocent picture of wedded bliss, but beneath the smiles lies an ultra-competitive duo bent on crushing the opposition.