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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

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    Wed 09 Dec 2020

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    Thu 19 Nov 2020

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Paul O’Grady’s Great British Escape

Series overview

“Kent is known as the garden of England but her beauty has been slightly tarnished lately because all you hear about Kent is lorry parks and operation stack on the M20. I think it’s about time Kent was given a fair hearing because there’s some lovely stuff down here and a hell of a lot I haven’t seen, you know.” Paul O’Grady

In this brand new six-part ITV series, presenter Paul O’Grady shares the beautiful sights, stories and secrets of his beloved adopted home county, Kent. 

With foreign holidays off the cards, Paul’s heading off in search of thrills, spills and misadventure on his very own doorstep, from his Kent farm.  He will escape across all corners of the county to discover the weird, wonderful, extraordinary and unusual gems that Kent has to offer. From exploring some of the county’s extraordinary scenery and wildlife to unearthing quirky tales of local history and tradition – Paul is on a mission to share the ultimate Kent staycation and lots of laughter along the way.

An Olga TV Production.

Episode 5

This episode sees Paul explore Kent’s beautiful forests – in fact the county is number one in England for the most ancient woodland.  Covering over 10% of Kent’s bucolic countryside, Paul meets the people, and animals, who thrive in this stunning backdrop.

First, Paul escapes to the Wildwood Trust just outside Canterbury – a wildlife conservation centre helping protect some of Britain’s most endangered animals.  He first meets one of the UK’s most iconic, but threatened rodents – the adorable dormouse - before helping to muck out the hutch of another classic British animal – the water vole.   Things soon go awry though when Paul loses one of them – in his wellie…. Paul finishes by feeding the centre’s majestic brown bears – rescued from hunters in Bulgaria and now living happily in Kent.

Paul then travels five miles down the road to Kentish Pip, a 100-year old cider apple orchard.  Here he meets farmer Sam who teaches him the art of ‘panking’ – shaking apples of a tree with a long pole.  Paul is then let loose on a harvester to hoover up all the fallen apples – to mixed results as he also manages to takes out a tree…. Paul is then rewarded for all his hard work with a cider tasting session – which leaves him pretty sozzled…

Paul then heads deep into the weald of Kent to learn the ancient skill of horse coppicing.  He meets environmental forester Frankie and her magnificent shire horses, who Paul immediately falls in love with, despite them being somewhat gassy…. Paul helps to drag a log pile of coppiced trees through the forest by steering Frankie’s horses – it proves an unforgettable experience for Paul, although again his driving skills leave a bit to be desired.

Finally Paul meets beekeeper John whose many thousands of bees thrive in Kent’s flourishing woodlands.  Living on a farm, Paul’s long considered getting some hives of his own so he uses this meeting with John as a test drive to see if bee keeping is a hobby he should take up.  And once he’s eats a mouthful of the fresh honey he’s helped John harvest, he is bowled over by just how wonderful it tastes.