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Cleaning Up

  • Episode: 

    5 of 6

  • Transmission (TX): 

    Wed 06 Feb 2019
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  • Time: 

    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 06 2019 : Sat 02 Feb - Fri 08 Feb
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Episode 5
Sam’s gamble may have paid off for now, but it throws her into deeper water. 
Sam and Swanny grow closer together as he entrusts her to make a large investment for him. Sam is seduced by Swanny’s glamorous and risky world, and goes to desperate lengths to pull off the extraordinary task.  
As Sam revels in her new persona, Dave starts to notice the change in her. But Glynn notices that Sam is still in financial trouble at home as she receives a worrying visit from her landlady. In denial about her dependence, Sam relents to Alice’s pressure and agrees to go to a meeting for gambling addicts – but runs into some unwanted company.
Meanwhile, Jess and Mina are both put under pressure to come clean as the investigation into illegal activity in the office comes to a head, but it’s Sam who takes the wrap.
Series overview
Cleaning Up is an exciting and original 6 x 60’ drama series for ITV. Created by screenwriting newcomer Mark Marlow and starring Sheridan Smith, it follows the story of Sam, an office cleaner who struggles to maintain her life as a devoted mum after becoming addicted to online gambling. Set in contemporary London, it’s an entertaining, surprising, character-driven drama that explores how far we’ll go to survive – and at what cost. 
We all know that the system is rigged so the rich get richer and the poor get shafted. Sam is an ordinary working-class woman, one of the invisible army of workers who mop and sweep vacuum around the CEOs, bankers and brokers as they make their millions. Hampered by her gambling addiction and with a debt collector knocking on the door, getting back to black looks impossible for Sam when she works a zero-hours contract on minimum wage. 
A loving mum to two young daughters, Alice and Lily, Sam is struggling to keep her head above water and continues to turn to gambling as a means of escapism. The addiction has caused a rift in her family, with her husband Dave threatening to take the girls away, Sam is desperate to protect her life with them and to prove that she’s turning things around. 
Sam’s world is thrown into disarray after she discovers access to lucrative stock market information that could be the answer to all her prayers. With the help of her best friend Jess, Sam starts to turn the tables on the system that has cheated her and begins to navigate the dark and dangerous world of insider trading. She finds herself caught between two contrasting lives: the exclusive, ruthless world of Canary Wharf, and the tough reality of life as a single mum in London suburbia. Smart, complicated and charismatic, Sam had the potential to be brilliant. As she demonstrates her intelligence and her plan falls into place, the money starts to roll in – but can Sam drag herself away from the lure of the roulette wheel? 
She might have found a potential solution to her problems, but she’s slowly replacing one vice with another - and this time she’s taking on a criminal endeavour with formidable players and with the police around every corner. As the stakes get higher she is drawn into a dangerous network of high-powered insider traders and an unpredictable, illegal world which could threaten everything she holds dear. 
Can Sam out-smart the system? Will she overcome her addictive personality?
And just how far will she go to get her life back on track?
Sam – Sheridan Smith
Jess – Jade Anouka
Dave – Matthew McNulty
Mina – Branka Katic
Alice – Kristy Phillips
Lily – Anya McKenna Bruce
Glynn – Robert Emms
Frances – Rosie Cavaliero
Blake – Ben Bailey Smith
Swanny – Lloyd Owen
Warren – Neil Maskell
Beth – Naomi Ackie
Viktor – Uriel Emil
Graham – Con O’Neill
Jake – Hero Fiennes Tiffin
John – Jordan Dawes
Chris – Theo Barklem-Biggs