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    Sat 06 Feb 2016
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    Week 06 2016 : Sat 06 Feb - Fri 12 Feb
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    Fri 05 Feb 2016
FREDDIE FLINTOFF speaks about his new role as a TV interviewer and his mischievous past including playing test cricket drunk
THE LAST LEG stars talk about their show and changing perceptions of disability
JO BRAND speaks about her epic Sport Relief challenge and being asked for her autograph in unusual places
JASON DERULO speaks about his serious neck injury and teaches the guests street dance moves. He also performs.
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined by a clan of comedy stars including Jo Brand and the hosts of The Last Leg, Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker. Cricketer Freddie Flintoff also joined the sofa and US music talent, Jason Derulo chatted and performed.
Cricketer and TV personality, Freddie Flintoff, joined the show and spoke about his mischievous past and new role as a TV interviewer.
Speaking about being asked to interview Hollywood stars for an Australian programme, Freddie said: “I’ve been out there since mid November, I did a bit of commentary on the cricket and then I’ve been presenting a nightly news show, it's amazing they think I’m intelligent in Australia… Only in Australia and Grimsby am I intelligent,” he laughed. 
Speaking about his new job, Freddie said “I barely prepared to play cricket, I’m not going to do it for an interview… I went to interview Will Smith and Margot Robbie for a film and you’re in this hotel and you wait outside the room then you get called in… I’ve walked in and I thought there was a curtain so I’m pushing this curtain but it wasn’t, it was the set so I’ve pushed the set over onto Will Smith and Margot Robbie… Then we started doing the interview and I’d watched a bit of the film, the beginning, and I ended up asking him about having a hair transplant and I didn’t know if he’d had one but he started getting really defensive… Anyway, I got wound up and taken out. Then I did Mark Wahlberg. I had four minutes with him but I only needed two and a half, I ran out of questions, he weren't giving much.”
Freddie also spoke about the most unusual place he had ever been asked for an autograph: “I was staying in this hotel… It was real late at night, it was about one o’clock in the morning, I was in bed, I had nothing on and I could hear someone trying to get in my room and a bit of giggling outside, I thought ‘It’ll be alright they won’t get in’ then I heard the key card go and then the door opened and I’ve got nothing on so I can’t get up and then this head popped round the side of the room and this girl asked [for a selfie.]”
“I went down the next morning to complain, I said to the hotel manager, ‘Look mate someone got in my room last night, I don’t know who it was’… He said ‘That’ll be the ghost.’”
Fellow guest Jo Brand also revealed the weirdest place she had been asked for an autograph: “I did get asked for my autograph when I was in labour in a labour suite in a hospital.” Jonathan asked, “You were actually giving birth?” and Jo replied, “Yes. It was actually a doctor from another part of the hospital who like came in with their autograph book… how in appropriate.”
Freddie went on to speak about his cricketing career and when asked if he had ever gone onto the pitch drunk, the England player joked: “I think the question is was I ever sober? I played a test match against South Africa and we were getting beat and then we came back after the day and we were a few wickets down and I was next in to bat the next morning so I had one in the bar with me and Steve Harmison, my mate and then we had two or three, it was Stella the strong stuff and the captain was out, he went out for dinner and then he came back and me and Steve were still there at one in the morning and he said ‘Get to bed’ he started to have a go at me. I said, ‘Look mate, I’ll get you 100 tomorrow.’ I went out to bat, I was stinking but the pressure was on and I ended up getting my second 100 in test cricket. There were so many times it didn’t come off.”
The comedy geniuses behind The Last Leg series, Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, joined the sofa and spoke about the success of their show which originally bought disability to the forefront during the paralympics in 2012 and has been a continued success since then.
Joking about the perils of live television, Adam revealed his prosthetic caused him a spot of bother during a live recording: “We had a moment last series where, I had an Ashes prosthetic. I had a green and gold prosthetic painted after Australia won the previous Ashes, and then we lost the Ashes so I decided to burn it on set. It was then taken off set with flames coming out of it and we continued on with the show and then from behind the set we just heard [a fire extinguisher sound] and it turned out one of the stage hands had caught fire… He was absolutely fine, we didn’t know, all we heard was the fire extinguisher going off but it turns out that my foot had set someone on fire whilst I was 40 metres away from him!”
Speaking about how he feels the support of the Paralympics has changed perception of disability, Adam admitted: “It’s changed the way I think about my own disability because I always had a fairly bland prosthetic, it was painted like the rest of my skin colour and I always kept it hidden… It took me 13 years of doing stand up before I mentioned it on stage but since the Paralympics, I had it painted, I was quite happy to have it out in the open and this is a new one that I got in the last couple of months, it’s one of those blades, they fitted a blade which is great but you can’t boast about it.”
Later in the show, the guests spoke about the Kingsman film which featured a character who had double blades. Showing off his own stunt skills and gymnastics which he did when he was younger, Adam performed a cartwheel and high kick on a mannequin. [Pictures available from REX]
Alex spoke about being talented at the sport of shooting but said he gave it up because he felt conscious: “I got talent spotted for shooting, it’s the best I’ve ever been at anything and then I ditched it for doing the telly.”
“I just gave it up and the weird thing is, in the end - ironically given what I do now - the reason why I gave it up is you couldn’t move for disabled people, and I’ve never been around that many disabled people and I’ve always seen myself as able bodied and then you go and it just made me feel really conscious. Believe it or not I felt quite conscious and I gave it up which is ironic given the fact that about six months after I left, I auditioned for Channel 4.”
Funny woman, Jo Brand, joined the sofa and spoke about her epic challenge for Sport Relief which saw her walk 135 miles across the country in a week.
Speaking about the gruelling challenge, Jo said: “It hurt after about an hour so I was thinking in about five days time, I’m going to be in a right state and I was.”
Jonathan said he had read that Jo had been blown over by strong winds during a walk: “Jonathan, a lorry got blown over, I did not. I think someone was using a bit of poetic license there, I tripped over my trousers actually because they gave me these waterproof trousers and they were too long and I just fell over them.”
“I did have to do training. Greg [my trainer] he was great, he obviously took one look at me and thought ‘Oh Christ this is not going to be easy.’ We started off fairly slowly, I was doing one, two hour walks and then by eight weeks training I was doing six, seven hour walks two or three times a week and then a week before I went we walked a marathon.”
She continued: “I got up about half five, started walking maybe seven, quarter to seven. We finished nine at night.” 
Jonathan asked: “When were the moments when you felt down or this is too much, were there any of those?”
“There was one moment when I stopped for a wee in the woods and p*ssed all over my clothes… it was a mistake, I squatted at the wrong angle or something I don’t know, so there were times like that.”
“I did suffer, so badly I couldn't get out of the bath one night my legs were so stiff and I’d just had a massage and I was slippery all over.”
When Jonathan announced that Jo had raised over an astonishing £848,000, she looked visibly shocked: “Wow, thank you that is amazing. I’m really pleased, I’m shocked, I’m really pleased that’s brilliant.”
American music star, Jason Derulo, also joined the sofa and spoke about breaking his neck and working with the legendary Stevie Wonder.
Speaking about encountering a serious injury when he broke his vertebrae in 2012, Jason said: “A C2 vertebrae, it’s called ‘a hangman’s break’ so I was lucky to be walking and to be alive even, it’s a very serious injury. I was preparing for my world tour and I was doing a lot of acrobatics and I slipped during a back tuck and I bailed and then I landed on my head… I was more paranoid than anything in the moment and when I actually fell, I was like, ‘Well damn, this might be it’ because I heard a crack…’ I got up and I walked to the car, my mom was in the car waiting for me… I didn’t want to panic her so I [asked her to take me to the hospital]... I didn’t want to let her know I was in that much pain so I was a G about it and didn’t say anything… It’s not something that you ever think will happen to you… I don’t do that specific move anymore no.”
Jason also spoke about working with his idol, Stevie Wonder: “[It was] unbelievable man, Stevie is someone who I grew up watching, grew up studying, he was the first box set I ever got and I remember it vividly, so to be in the studio and working on one of my songs that I wrote is just crazy… Actually it was a little interesting because he played the harmonica on the song… And he was playing the part a little wrong so I was like ‘How do you tell Stevie Wonder that it’s a little wrong?’ so I was like ‘Stevie, it’s actually duh duh duh duuuuh duh’ and he was like ‘Cool cool man no sweat’ so he was as humble as you can get.”
Jason taught Jonathan and the guests street dance moves to his new song, Get Ugly with impressive results. [Pictures available from REX]