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The Magaluf Weekender

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    5 of 6

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    Sun 03 Feb 2013
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 6 2013 : Sat 02 Feb - Fri 08 Feb
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“I’m not usually one for a romance, but if they didn’t help me try and get laid on my birthday, they wouldn’t be proper wing men.” 
Rob, holiday-maker 
Checking in this week are three fun-loving girls from Birmingham - Bex, Laura and Steph, on their first holiday away from their parents. Steph is due to celebrate her 23rd birthday during the trip and Bex admits she is looking for romance and quickly sets her sights on Romeo rep Jordan.  
Also staying at the Lively hotel this week are three single lads from Bracknell in Berkshire, determined to experience all that Magaluf has to offer – Rob, Jordan and Nick.  
Rob is also celebrating his birthday during the trip as he turns 21 and his mates are determined to ensure he lets his hair down. Three years ago Rob’s dad died, making him the main breadwinner in his family. He says: “With all the responsibilities, I think it has changed me a little bit, made me see that I have to grow up a little. But I’ve still got my inner child! Never lose that...I never had the chance to go away because of all the family problems I’ve had, but it’s all going good now.” 
Head rep Brett calls a staff meeting to remind the reps what is expected of them and refers to the hotel’s golden rule not to sleep with guests, but then admits he’s prepared to turn a blind eye: “As far as I’m concerned, what somebody doesn’t see doesn’t necessarily hurt, but at the end of the day if the hotel finds out about it, you have to understand it has to be followed through.”  
After their first night on the Magaluf Strip, the boys have a few too many drinks and to their disappointment end up bringing home kebabs rather than girls. Meanwhile the girls insist that Bex goes and knocks on Jordan’s door but there is no reply as unbeknown to Bex, he’s been out with Imogen and the pair intend to have more than a drink together. 
The morning after their one-night-stand, Jordan and Imogen are on reception duty and Brett and Jaime-Leigh discuss their joint concern over Imogen getting hurt. Jordan later says: “If it did happen again with Imogen I wouldn’t really mind but I’ve said rather get with other people first obviously.” 
Jordan soon gets wind of Bex’s interest in him and takes her shopping, leaving Brett free to admit to the other girls that Jordan is the definitive ladies man: “He’s flirtatious the whole time.” Shocked Steph is unimpressed. She says: “Straight away I’m thinking: ‘well I don’t want him messing about with my mate’. It’s not just that, you don’t know where he’s been.” 
That evening, Jordan turns up the romance by giving Bex his ring. He later explains: “I have got this ring which does means a lot to me, so it’s kind of a cheeky little thing that seems to always work when I do it.”  
Imogen can’t hide her jealousy over Jordan and responds by giving Rob a birthday kiss to remember, at the stroke of midnight. Jordan is the only rep on duty and is meant to be keeping control of the increasingly drunken bar crawl, but he sneaks back to the hotel with Bex, leaving Steph furious that her mate has ditched them on her birthday. Imogen is also livid at having to cover Jordan’s shift after his disappearance and she makes her feelings clear to Brett. On returning to the hotel, Steph throws Bex and Jordan out of the room. Meanwhile Rob and Imogen spend the night together. The next morning Jordan faces a disciplinary meeting with Brett and an inquisition from Imogen. 
For the last night of the trip and the joint birthday party, everyone gets dressed-up in comedy outfits, with Brett in drag. During drinking games, tea-total Steph proves her dislike of Jordan by opting to down a tequila shot rather than have to lick cream from his chest. Jordan and Bex spend the night together again and she is clearly smitten. But as the weekend draws to a close, there is the small matter of him getting his ring back again. He explains: “I always take it back from them because it does mean a lot to me. I’ve given the ring to about 30 girls I’d say in total but I’ve always managed to get it back.” 
True to form, as the girls check out Jordan admits he has given Bex a fake phone number. While Imogen says an emotional goodbye to Rob and Brett offers to get Rob’s number for her so that they can keep in touch.