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The Magaluf Weekender

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    5 of 6

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    Sun 02 Feb 2014
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
  • Week: 

    Week 06 2014 : Sat 01 Feb - Fri 07 Feb
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First to arrive this week, are three Brighton belles, Dani, Jasmine and Maddie. Out of the three of them man-eater Maddie is the clearest about what she wants out of the holiday…..Rep Jordan. As soon as they enter the hotel she’s straight in there with the flirting.   
Joining them are three unlikely visitors to Magaluf, Tom, Harry and Mike. These uni mates' idea of a good night out is somewhere quiet where they can hear themselves talk, so they’re understandably nervous about how they’ll get on in Magaluf!
Once our groups meet, the girls vow to help wing-man the boys, and one man in particular needs all the help he can get - 20 year old Mike reveals he’s never kissed a girl.
Night one out on the strip sees the over-awed boys try their best, whilst the girls show them the ropes. Maddie puts thoughts of Jordan out of her mind as Tobi the rep starts paying her some attention.
As the holiday continues, Mike and the boys continue their voyage of discovery. Tobi decides the take them to a strip club on the second night, which Mike soon declares is ‘the best experience of his life…after getting into uni.’
Maddie has her rep dilemma brought to a head when both Jordan and Tobi vie for her attention - which of the two hunks will win out this time?
Elsewhere, big drama continues to bubble amongst the reps. Jordan and Ali’s romantic liaison earlier in the season is continuing to cause tension. Unable to make up their minds as to whether they should tell Imogen or not, one thing’s for’s going to end in tears.
So, as the guests and reps party away the long weekend, who will Maddie settle on? Will Imogen find out? And will Mike ever get his first kiss?