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Take Me Out

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    5 of 8

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    Sat 01 Feb 2014
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    8.20pm - 9.35pm
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    Week 06 2014 : Sat 01 Feb - Fri 07 Feb
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Comedian Paddy McGuinness plays Cupid for his returning 30 single girls. 
Single guys braving the love lift tonight are: Jay, a football coach from Mancheste; Frankie, a handsome student from Surrey; Paul, a carpet cleaner from Glasgow, and Ashley, a cheeky plumber from Bognor Regis.  
Plus dating action from last week’s couples on the Isle of Fernando’s.
Series overview
Freezing cold winter evenings will be a thing of the past as Take Me Out returns to heat up Saturday nights once again.
Resident cupid, Paddy McGuiness is back on screens with the sixth series of the eternally popular dating show, Take Me Out. 
A must see part of any Saturday evening viewing, Take Me Out features 30 single women from across the UK searching for the right single guy. 
More entertaining than ever before, this series will feature all the usual dating action from the Isle of Fernandos.
This series Paddy will also be asking the boys whether they’re feeling “frisky or risky?” 
Any guy lucky enough to have one or two girls with their lights still on during the final round will have the choice of opting to take out a ‘Mysterious Girl’ instead, based solely on the sound of her voice! Hidden in the love lift, the boy can't see the girl and the girl can't see him. It's a gamble, but so is love. Which of our boys will throw caution to the wind and take a risk on a Mysterious Girl?  
Host Paddy McGuinness comments: “Take Me Out is back to light up Saturday nights once again...let the New see the Year!”   
Take Me Out is a Thames (part of FremantleMedia UK) production for ITV. Executive Produced by Thames Head of Entertainment, Suzy Lamb and Mel Balac.  Series Producer is Simone Tai.