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The Jonathan Ross Show is back for a brand new series on ITV in January 2015.
JENNIFER SAUNDERS talks all about the Absolutely Fabulous movie and exclusively shares a scene with the show, performing her Eddy to Matt Lucas’ Patsy! [Pictures available from Rex] She also opens up about the tragic death of her friend, Rik Mayall
MATT LUCAS performs as “sweetie darling Patsy” and also talks about bringing back Little Britain and going on Tinder dates! 
ROMESH RANGANATHAN talks about his time as a hip hop artist and performs a rap battle with Jonathan
PADDY MCGUINNESS talks about ITV’s Take Me Out and the heart-stopping moment Ted Robbins collapsed at Phoenix Nights Live
For this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - Jonathan is joined by the cream of the crop of comedy with Little Britain star, Matt Lucas; Absolutely Fabulous writer and performer, Jennifer Saunders; stand up comedian, Romesh Ranganathan and Take Me Out host, Paddy McGuinness.
Award-winning British comedian and actress, Jennifer Saunders, joined Jonathan to speak about the eagerly anticipated Absolutely Fabulous movie and even exclusively shared a scene with Jonathan and the audience. 
Speaking about the movie - which will see a welcome return to iconic comedy characters Edina and Patsy -  Jennifer admitted the only reason she has completed a first draft was to win a bet against pal Dawn French: “Did I tell you that I’d had a bet with Dawn that I would have to pay her £10,000 if I didn’t produce [the film] by the end of the year? We had a live radio show at the end of [last] year so I produced a first draft by [then]!... I literally vomited it out. On New Year’s Eve it came out!”
“There’s some stuff I like, some stuff I’ve cut out. It’ll be an ongoing process until it’s actually finished,” she said before later adding that she needs pressure to work otherwise she finds herself procrastinating: “I need [a bet] or a deadline or just sheer panic. I’ve got all the ideas, you think of everything in your head and then you pick up a pen… or go to your computer and it just goes ‘urgh can’t be bothered, I think it’s funny but I can’t be bothered’ and then you go ‘Candy Crush is calling!’”
Sitting alongside guest, Matt Lucas, Jennifer revealed that his flatmate - Australian actress Rebel Wilson - will appear in the film: “She’s in it! She wrote to me and said ‘can I be in it please?’” She also explained that some of the film will be set in the French Riviera.
In an exclusive for The Jonathan Ross Show, Jennifer shared a scene from the film and played Eddy to Matt Lucas’ Patsy. Matt - who donned a blonde beehive wig and held cigarettes - put on his best ‘sweetie darling’ voice and the pair proved to be a popular new double act! [Pictures available from REX]
Jennifer - whose performance was met with huge applause - laughed, “I’m not giving away any jokes! If I’ve written any proper jokes, I’m not going to give them away” before joking with Jonathan that the sequence took her a month to write, “you’re being optimistic,” she joked, “it was possibly longer.”
Jennifer - who was famously part of the double act French and Saunders with fellow comedian, Dawn French - spoke about missing her other comedy half: “I do actually, I do miss it, I think we both miss it actually. We were talking the other day and we thought ‘why did we retire? Why did we stupidly retire the act?’” 
“We are thinking of doing stuff together actually yes, we are,” she said and on big arena tours, she added, “Don’t ever count that out. To be honest, who knows?... I do miss it and every time we do work together, I absolutely love it.”
Jennifer also spoke about her marriage of 30 years to Ade Edmonson. On when she knew he was ‘the one’, Jennifer said it was “probably about five years into knowing him. We were already working together and we all had different relationships and if you’re working in a close group it can be a little bit odd to pair off and we were a bit embarrassed at first too, we wouldn’t tell people… It was actually Dawn [who] always thought it would happen. Anyway she always thought I had a thing for him, before I knew.”
On the tragic death of close friend Rik Mayall last year, Jennifer opened up about her reaction to it: “It was absolutely tragic, it was terribly shocking because he was always so alive and such a big personality. It was absolutely terrible… We had the most extraordinary funeral organised by his wife Barbara and it was a fantastic event... Extraordinary in the way that it was just so joyful actually, incredibly sad but at the same time immensely joyful and funny and wonderful.”
She continued: “On stage I remember we always used to go up front and watch him and Ade performing at The Comic Strip because it was such a lesson in how to be comical, how to be really funny, how to play an audience.”
On the effect that Rik’s death had on her husband, Ade, Jennifer said emotionally: “Awful, absolutely terrible because a double act is an extremely close thing and they were huge friends since university so it was a very tragic thing... [Rik] was well loved.”
Matt Lucas also spoke about working with Rik: “I was just a fanboy with him, I don’t think I really behaved like a professional actor because I just kept laughing during takes and I made him record messages on my answerphone and all sorts. I was just a fan boy and got him to do lines from The Young Ones and Blackadder. I felt really honoured to just even meet him, let alone work with him.”
Little Britain star, Matt Lucas, also joined the show and spoke about bringing the famous series back and dating on Tinder.
On bringing the comedy series back - which he performed with comic partner, David Walliams - Matt said he wasn’t ruling it out: “It’s an interesting one and I’m not saying we’d never do anymore but I suppose the fear is that if you did do it, it just wouldn’t be the same and I’ve always admired Abba who never got back together you see… We might get back together but we might do something else that’s the thing. I wonder whether [it would] be as funny? You’d have to do Vicky Pollard as a grandmother with 56 grandkids!”
On working with David Walliams, Matt also said he missed being part of the double act and said, “I think at some point we should get back together and do something. I think it would be nice.”
Matt - who lives in California with actress Rebel Wilson who he met when filming Bridesmaids - spoke about their flatmate activities: “We’re a bit gay, I mean she’s not gay but I’m gay enough for both of us so we do sing show tunes quite loudly. Sometimes there’s a pool and we swim in that and she sometimes dresses as a mermaid, that’s her thing. She’s got a mermaid outfit and she gets in the pool. It’s quite sweet.”
Matt also spoke about using the dating app, Tinder: “I do it, I love it, it’s like a game though isn’t it...
I’ve been on dates. People have been very nice, no shenanigans just nice, proper, old fashioned dates. The thing about Tinder interestingly, Tinder in the straight community is like ‘let’s cop off’ but in the gay community there’s this thing called Grindr which I tried for a bit but I didn’t really like it because that really was just meeting people for sex… But Tinder is about having dates, going on dates so if you see me on there do say hello!”
Matt also discussed his weight and said he has even considered having a gastric band: “I’ve got to lose some weight… I’m genuinely at a loss, I might get one of those gastric things.”
Matt also unveiled his new show, Pompidou, which is a comedy for the family: “My mum was always having a go because she said that Little Britain was too rude... The show is in a gibberish language - it’s almost like Worzel Gummidge meets Pingu. It’s like the sort of show you used to watch when you were a kid; a real family, comedy show.”
Stand up comedian, Romesh Ranganathan, joined the sofa and joked about his past as a hip hop artist!
Speaking to Jonathan, Romesh joked, “Of course I’m proud of it, I was a hip hop artist!... My full [rap] name was Ranga-the-lazy-eyed-assassin, I put out a few mix tapes, I think the last one that we did sold about 15 copies in Horsham and I used to do rap battles and stuff like that.”
Teaching Jonathan the tricks of the rapping trade, Romesh explained how rap battles work and joked about why he eventually retired. Speaking about the various rounds, he remembered a time when he sailed through to the final and then was beaten at the last hurdle: “I had a really easy draw in all of those rounds and then in the final, I came up against two guys who could actually do it and I was humiliated and that was basically my retirement!”
Romesh then performs a rap battle against Jonathan to much applause!
Funny man, Paddy McGuinness, who hosts ITV’s Take Me Out spoke about his other recent project, Phoenix Nights Live and the heart-stopping moment when actor Ted Robbins collapsed on stage.
Paddy - who teamed up with Peter Kay to organise Phoenix Nights Live which raised money for Comic Relief - revealed: “I’ve not got an exact figure [of money raised] but it’ll be around the £5 million mark.”
On working with his old pals again, Paddy said it was like no time had passed: “We all got in a room the day we rehearsed - and it was one day’s rehearsal - we picked up where we left off and it was amazing!”
Paddy also recounted the moment one of his co-stars collapsed on stage on opening night: “The first night of the tour, Ted Robbins who plays Den Perry collapsed on stage and I was with Peter [Kay] at the time when it happened and we were watching Ted on the screen [backstage] and he’d just gone on stage and I noticed his hands shaking and I thought [he was probably just nervous] and he just collapsed… When you see it, it’s horrendous. He collapsed and he actually died, his heart stopped on stage. Now talk about luck, Richard Curtis [one of the founders of Comic Relief] was in the audience that night and there was a guy at the side of Richard Curtis, no connection just happened to be a heart specialist… if he hadn’t have [gone on stage to help], Ted would have been dead, that would have been it.”