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Mr Selfridge

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    5 of 10

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    Series 3
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    Sun 22 Feb 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 09 2015 : Sat 21 Feb - Fri 27 Feb
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Episode 5
HARRY and NANCY are enjoying the passion of their romance, having been together secretly for a while now. But as always, HARRY has business to attend to. HARRY announces that Selfridge’s is on the look out for two new staff members: a Store Deputy and Head of Display. 
The shop floor is rife with gossip about who will apply. HARRY is keen for GORDON to step up but GORDON is reticent; after the disaster with the fashion event he’s not sure he’s ready. MISS MARDLE discusses the role of Deputy Manager with GROVE, who dismisses the suggestion that she should apply. He is typically old-fashioned, implying that it isn’t a suitable job for a woman. GROVE is keen on the job for himself, and is so pompous that MISS MARDLE decides to throw her hat into the ring! Eventually, GRACE makes GORDON realise that he’s up to the job, as sparks start to fly between them. 
VIOLETTE sneaks out to Colleano’s but is put out when she’s refused champagne – no more drinks after 9.30pm. VICTOR is operating exactly within the law, but perturbed by the sight of PURKISS who is taking in all the action – waiting for VICTOR to slip up…
When a prominent and unfavourable article about KITTY appears in the papers - implying that she deserved the attack on her – KITTY is left distraught. HARRY supports KITTY and mounts a public relations fight-back, writing an open letter in her defence. But KITTY and HARRY face a backlash: KITTY starts receiving hate mail, whilst HARRY is pitted against former-servicemen and labelled unpatriotic. 
Elsewhere, LOIS surprises PRINCESS MARIE at her hotel, revealing she knows all about MARIE’S debts. MARIE is forced to come clean, leaving LOIS with a decision on her hands. And MISS MARDLE has a meeting with DORIS where she learns something very surprising indeed!
HARRY continues to fight back, publicly launching the Selfridge Estate in store, with NANCY by his side. He wants the world to know that he is not “anti-servicemen” or unpatriotic as dubbed in the press – he uses the Selfridge Estate to prove that. Designed to help meet the massive national housing shortage, the houses are to be built and sold at cost, and are specifically for former servicemen and their families. 
But trouble lies ahead. LOXLEY is busy rehabilitating his reputation so he can begin to trade in the City. He pits himself against HARRY by setting up his own rival charitable enterprise for former servicemen. LOXLEY is campaigning for a return to the pre-war status quo; he is conservative whilst HARRY is progressive. 
As things heat up between VIOLETTE and VICTOR, the club is thrown into chaos when PURKISS makes a move against VICTOR, raiding the club and arresting everyone in it – including VIOLETTE SELFRIDGE.
Series overview
Following the ratings success with British, US and international audiences, ten new episodes of ITV Studios’ lavish period drama Mr Selfridge, starring Emmy award-winning American actor, Jeremy Piven, have been produced by ITV Studios for ITV.
The drama is inspired by the life of charismatic American entrepreneur, Harry Gordon Selfridge, whose business in London’s Oxford Street has become a much-loved institution. 
This new series is the third instalment in the fascinating rise and fall of this colourful but troubled man and picks up in 1919 just after the end of World War I.