Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

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Series 5: Latin America
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Week 05 2023 : Sat 28 Jan - Fri 03 Feb

Fri 20 Jan 2023

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Bradley & Barney Walsh: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney Walsh are back on the road for another epic road trip. This time they’re in for a real culture shock as they head further afield to Latin America. 

Episode 5: Costa Rica

The Walsh’s Latin America road trip continues and they are now in Costa Rica, where Brad’s fear of heights is tested as Barney’s arranged a breathtaking way to take in the coastal views, in what can only be described as a tiny, roofless helicopter. With Costa Rica known for its diverse wildlife, the pair stop off to meet a quirky animal lover and then head to the capital city of San Jose, where they get their skates on as they join a local Roller Derby team for a match against their biggest rivals.



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