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  • Episode: 

    6684 of 6690

  • Title: 

    Emmerdale Siege
  • Transmission (TX): 

    Mon 14 Oct 2013
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  • Time: 

    7.00pm - 7.30pm
  • Week: 

    Week 42 2013 : Sat 12 Oct - Fri 18 Oct
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Emmerdale is the small village with big drama. Set against the stunningly beautiful backdrop of the Yorkshire Dales Emmerdale has been successfully running for 40 years.  Entertaining more than seven million viewers six times a week with its mix of dramatic storylines.  
6684 Monday 14 October 7pm - 7.30pm
DEBBIE FREAKS OUT WHEN SARAH IS TAKEN. Against Zak’s orders Sarah sneaks out to find Andy. The rain lashes down as she sets off after a figure she assumes is her dad. Sarah is shocked to see a disheveled Cameron and tries to run. He stops her, suggesting they find Debbie together. She reluctantly agrees and Cameron can’t believe his luck.  Learning Andy hasn’t seen Sarah, concerned Zak and Moira despair, where is she? All bad feelings are forgotten between Debbie and Chas when a guilty Zak confesses that Sarah’s missing. They alert the police and Debbie voices her darkest fears that Cameron has come back for them. Meanwhile, Cameron smilingly asks Sarah if she wants to play a game. She just needs to close her eyes and start counting and keep counting until he comes back with Debbie and Jack. In the barn, Sarah’s eyes are tight shut as she tires of counting. Opening her eyes, she calls out for Cameron, but he’s not there anymore. Sarah tries to open the barn door but it’s locked. Sarah’s alone, and scared. Cameron sneaks into the Dingle van and his face lights up when he discovers Zak’s gun and cartridges. He takes both with purpose – what’s he going to do next?
RUBY’S MUM ARRIVES BUT WILL SHE GET THE TRUTH? Ali apologises to Ruby and suggests they clear the air with Lindy. She reluctantly agrees, dreading the idea. Ruby’s nervous as she waits for Lindy, not wanting to go through with telling her. They hear her taxi pull up and Ali assures her they’re in this together but she’s put out when Ruby pulls away from her. It’s awkward as Lindy asks about Ali and the kids, wondering if she and Ruby are lodgers. Will Ruby be able to go through with finally telling her mother she and Ali are a couple?
DECLAN RETURNS TO BAD NEWS. Megan’s frustrated that Debbie’s not upped her offer on Mulberry. Declan returns home early, wanting good news, but is angered by Debbie’s measly offer. He then checks on the Butler’s sale, telling Megan to leave him to deal with Moira. 
ALSO: Alicia’s awkward and David delighted when Priya suggests Jacob be an usher.
6685 Tuesday 15 October 7pm - 7.30pm
CAMERON HOLDS THE PUB HOSTAGE. Sarah's alone and scared and Debbie's distraught and convinced that Cameron has her. In lashing rain, Cameron enters the village unseen and breaks the window of Tug Ghyll and gets some car keys. He is thwarted when a police officer exits the pub. Andy and Moira are relieved to find Sarah alone and unharmed. Andy questions what happened and everyone’s relief is momentary when she tells them about Cameron. Debbie despairs that he’s coming for her and Andy tells her to stay at the pub. Sharing Debbie’s horror, Chas bolts the door. A disguised Cameron gets PC Harrison to follow him. It is not long before Chas is in the cellar changing a barrel she is unaware of Cameron lurking in the shadows.  Marlon is coming out of the pub kitchen when he’s stopped in his tracks to see Cameron having just emerged from the cellar. Before a stunned Marlon has chance to meaningfully react, Cameron slams the butt of the shotgun against him, sending him staggering back through the cellar door. Tumbling down the cellar stairs, Marlon lands in the water, unconscious. Cameron locks the door and heads to the bar. Debbie's desperate and tries to leave but is horrified when Cameron appears, telling Zak and Chas to get off her as he's come back for her. 
SEAN TRIES TO STALL RUBY LEAVING. Lindy tells a shocked Ruby she'll give her the money for the baby if she does it without Ali. Sean finds Ruby with a bag, saying she's staying with a mate for a while. He tells her that she can't just leave. Ruby's stunned by how much he cares but will he be able to convince her to stay?
ALSO: Alicia admits to David she's not going to his wedding and doesn't feel the same way about Dom as he does for her. They don't notice the body of the policeman lying on the ground. Declan apologises to Megan and tells her she's the only one he can trust. 
6686/7 Wednesday 16 October 7pm - 8pm
SOMEONE GETS SHOT... Cameron tells Debbie to go with him as she screams that she hates him. PC Barnes bangs on the door and Cameron pushes everyone (Alicia, Bernice, Chas, Dan, David, Debbie, Diane, Jack, Nicola, Priya, Ruby, Zak) into a corner, leveling his gun. Cameron puts his finger on his lips, gesturing to keep quiet, as they hear a knock on the door. Diane appears in the window terrified. She tells Cameron about the police outside, but starts to shout to them, saying he has a gun. Cameron pushes Diane away and tells everyone to shut up so he can think. Cameron insists to Debbie they just need to be together. Zak snaps and closes in on Cameron and he starts to pull the trigger. Chas grabs a chair and hits Cameron. Everyone’s terrified as a gunshot echoes around the village. In the pub, as the gunshot echo fades, everyone’s horrified to realise a much loved member of the village has been shot and seriously injured. 
ANDY IS FRUSTRATED AND WINDS UP IN CUFFS. PC Barnes runs to PC Harrison, trying to get a response out of him. He radios for help.  He tells him the officer is still alive but needs a doctor. The paramedics rush to Harrison. Lisa and Andy panic as Shields radios for armed response. Andy’s frustrated the police don’t seem to be doing anything and ignores their warning, running towards the pub, shouting to Cameron. The police drag him away. It’s chaos as the armed response form into positions and a cuffed Andy’s thrown into the van. 
THE VILLAGE IS EVACUATED AS THE SIEGE RAGES. The village fills with response officers and emergency services and the police inform the villagers that they will have to find alternative emergency accommodation. The villagers are aghast to realise this could go on through the night. An arriving Declan surprises everyone when he offers out to anyone who wants to go and stay at Home Farm. Lots of the villagers set off for Home Farm but a few stay outside in the rain desperately hoping their loved ones in the pub are okay. 
ALSO: In the pub cellar, Marlon is slumped against a barrel unconscious as the rainwater, pooling on the floor, steadily rises…
6688 Thursday 17 October 7pm - 7.30pm
COULD CAMERON HAVE KILLED AGAIN? In hospital the injured villager’s heart monitor goes crazy. They begin to flat-line, the crash team rush in and start to give CPR... 
CAMERON POINTS THE GUN AGAIN… Cameron aims the gun at another and pulls the trigger twice, but the gun is empty. He fends them off as they try to advance on him but he quickly regains control. The hostages are terrified, with no idea of what to expect next.  The police call, but newly confident Cameron, pleased the hostages are starting to realise he's serious hangs up when they don't tell him what he wants to hear.   Meanwhile, down in the cellar below the Woolpack. Marlon lays unconscious as the water continues to trickle in. Marlon stirs and realises that time is running out as the crack in the wall widens and the water floods through much quicker. Marlon looks through the keyhole, listening as Cameron tells the police to call back later. Marlon attempts to open the hatch to no avail. He realises that the crack has widened and the water is now gushing in. Marlon is close to panic when he can’t find a way out of the water filled cellar.
LAUREL PANICS AS SHE STILL HASN’T HEARD FROM MARLON. The villagers are at Home Farm, preparing to bunk down for the night. As Ashley rallies with tea, Declan comes off the phone with Sam and regretfully informs there’s no news on the hostages and Marlon’s still unaccounted for. Laurel can’t bear it and despite Ashley’s protests that she shouldn’t go back out into the rain, she insists she’s going back down to the police line to wait for news, knowing something must have happened to Marlon or he would have called her. 
DECLAN TRIES TO SET HIS DIFFERENCES ASIDE WITH MOIRA. Moira tips up at Home Farm with some emergency food. Declan’s cautious and dryly wonders if she’s laced them with arsenic. Not rising, Moira points out it’s not the time or place for petty hostility. As Megan calms things, Declan apologises and stuns them by inviting Moira to stay for some food. She’s right; this is a time to put their differences aside. Moira flashes Megan a look and wryly quips maybe Declan has half a heart after all. 
6689 Thursday 17 October 8pm - 8.30pm
TERRIFYING EVENTS UNFOLD AS THE HOSTAGES FIGHT FOR THEIR LIVES. Cameron's manic. Outside Marlon hears Cameron shouting his ultimatums and smashes a crate of glasses to create a distraction. Having heard the noise, one of them tries to convince Cameron it’s the police – he should hand the gun over before they arrive. Cameron makes another hostage go and investigate, telling them to hurry, or else. Before long they return and explain the noise was only bottles smashing as the cellar is flooded. Cameron’s almost regretful as he tells them how Marlon was in the cellar, implying he will now be dead. With the floodwaters rising fast, things go from bad to worse quickly. Soon terrifying events unfold as the remaining hostages fight for their lives.... 
THE POLICE ARE READY BUT ARE THEY TOO LATE? Outside, armed police are about to storm the pub. All are horrified to hear the water and see the lights go out in the bar. The Tactical Commander tells everyone to hold their positions.
ALSO:  Whilst in the hospital it's still touch and go for the seriously injured villager. Cain flicks through foreign TV channels, when he stops on the news, which is covering the siege. He grabs his things and hurtles out the door.
6690 Friday 18 October 7pm - 7.30pm
JOANIE TAKES ALL HOPE AWAY FROM AMY. Amy initially takes hope from Joanie's compassion regarding the siege; but, is still wary, Joanie suggests they chat away from Kyle. Amy agrees, happy to at least get a chance to talk. Joanie's exasperated by Amy's determination to get Kyle back and tells her she has no hope - Kyle is legally hers.
ALSO: As the rain and flood waters subside, emergency services gain access to the pub. Meanwhile, clear up work begins down at David’s shop and the Church, which have both been flooded. At the hospital the shot villager is taken back into surgery with their life still at risk.