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The Big Audition

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    6 of 6

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    Sun 30 Dec 2018
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    3.30pm - 4.30pm
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    Week 01 2019 : Sat 29 Dec - Fri 04 Jan
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Series overview
The Big Audition is a brand new factual entertainment series which goes behind the scenes of the casting world.
We will witness real people being cast for real jobs, which have the potential to be life-changing. The casting panels will be searching to fill all sorts of roles and anyone can audition, from seasoned professionals to first-timers. This fixed rig programme will uncover the decision-making process of the panels and will transport us through each audition to reveal what really goes on in the casting studio. 
Through intimate interviews, we’ll hear heart-warming, funny and touching backstories. There will be highs and lows along the way, but who will have what it takes to land the job of their dreams?
Episode 6
It’s the final episode of The Big Audition, the series that uncovers the secret world of castings. This week sees another array of jobs on offer, with auditions to be the face of a TV commercial, the newest member of a pop group or an action performer for a live arena tour.
Internet deals giants, Wowcher, are on the search for someone to be the face of their next big ad campaign, seen by more than 9 million people per day. They’re looking for someone memorable with big personality and the competition is on as, unbeknownst to them, best friends Gabby & Morgan arrive to audition for the same job.
Kidzbop are looking for a 5th member to join their smash hit pop group. Young popstar wannabes arrive at The Big Audition Studios raring to show off their dancing and singing skills. But who will gel best with the group when they meet Kidzbop in person? Will it be Faye, who lives with her Auntie in order to follow her passion for singing & dancing, Olivia, who’s at her first ever professional audition, or Mia, whose family are split between Manchester and London in order for Mia to pursue her love of performing?
It’s a comic lover’s dream as superhero powerhouse Marvel Universe Live! are on the hunt for new stunt performers to star in their European arena show in 2019.  They’re looking for suitable candidates to fill the role of iconic superheroes such as Spiderman and Black Widow. Who will pack a punch in the audition? Megan who runs her own martial arts studio, Ola who’s flown all the way from Norway to meet the panel, Jess who currently plays the role of a pirate at a theme park or Jase who hopes to go back to his comic loving kids and say Daddy’s a superhero?  
This is the last chance for the auditionees to secure the job of their dreams at The Big Audition Studios.  They’ll find out at the end of the day if they’ve been successful.