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    Sat 28 Feb 2015
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    Week 10 2015 : Sat 28 Feb - Fri 06 Mar
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THIERRY HENRY admits he would love to manage Arsenal one day and talks about his experiences of racism in football. He also responds to the recent racist incident between football fans on the Paris Metro
TRACEY EMIN admits she can count the Prime Minister as a fan and has given him neons for Number 10. She also opens up about two of her most famous pieces of art, ‘My Bed’ and ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With’ and talks about the turning point when she turned 50
SIGOURNEY WEAVER speaks about surviving a gorilla attack, her favourite Alien movie and her ambitions to appear in the new Ghostbusters movie
MARTIN CLUNES admits his daughter doesn’t approve of his work and talks about taking his Doc Martin role very seriously
On this week’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, Jonathan is joined for a very special performance by music big-hitter, Kanye West. He is also joined on the sofa by former professional footballer, Thierry Henry; British artist, Tracey Emin; American actress and producer, Sigourney Weaver and British acting talent, Martin Clunes.
Former professional footballer, Thierry Henry, joined Jonathan and spoke about his experiences of racism in football and his reaction to the racist incident from Chelsea fans towards a black passenger on the Metro in France. He also spoke about his ambitions to lead his former team, Arsenal.
On about having his sights set on the manager job at Arsenal once Arsene Wenger moves on, Thierry revealed he wouldn’t say no to it: “The thing that I will say is, I don’t know what Arsene wants to do and how long he will stay, I just want to be equipped to be in the position one day maybe to be a manager… Being the manager of Arsenal football club will be a dream but let’s all be honest, I need to learn first, that’s the most important thing. It’s not because you know the game that you can teach it and I just want to learn.”
And if Arsene called him and offered him the job, Thierry said: “I can’t say no to Arsenal so I would say yes!”
Parisian, Thierry, spoke about the recent incident involving some Chelsea fans: “You can’t have a go at Chelsea because it’s difficult to control who is going to travel, you can’t have that control.”
He continued: “You play a game and you try to concentrate and keep your composure and what you hear sometimes is ‘black’ this and ’monkey’ and monkey chants and people spitting at you when you take a corner kick and it is not easy. It is not easy and that has to stop and what has to be done for it to stop, I don’t know. You need to have a zero tolerance, I believe in that. I did encounter [racism] and it is not easy to deal with I’m telling you because when you lose it [everybody is] like ‘he should know better, come on, behave!’ I am a human being and that’s not the type of thing you want to hear… It is not an easy one, we do not want to see that and it has to stop.”
Following applause from the audience, Thierry continued, “I don’t know if people think it’s a way to put a player off his game. There are other ways to put a player off his game, you don’t have to go into this type of discussion.”
On his fears about racism in the game, Thierry admitted, “At one point what I was scared about was it become a normality… I tell you one thing about the game - and that’s the game that I love and I will always protect and defend - but if you say whatever you can hear in the stadium outside the stadium, you will get in trouble. But you can say it in the stadium. I never understood that part that once you are in the stadium you can say whatever you want and that’s not on. It’s part of the game sometimes, we don’t want to kill everything also because we all love a bit of banter between the fans [but] you need to have the right balance.”
He added: “I used to love when people were booing in the right way… because that’s when I used to come alive because I used to love that when people were doubting me or thinking that I wasn’t good enough to perform,” he started but said, “when you hear the monkey chants and the spitting at you because the colour of your skin is different, because you believe in something else, because whatever it is, I think it’s not on and it should stop.”
British artist, Tracey Emin, also spoke to the show and talked about having the Prime Minister as a fan and her most famous work, ‘My Bed’ and ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With 1963-1995’. She also opened up about the turning point in her life when she turned 50.
Speaking about ‘My Bed’, Tracey dispelled rumours that it wasn’t her real bed in the installation: “There’s been this other controversy by some art historian who studies Rembrandt and everything who is claiming that it wasn’t really my bed and he can prove it. Now, obviously he’s never been anywhere near my bed! And everything is genuine. Not the plinth but the mattress is genuine, the sheets… At the time it was my real bed so I could get another mattress but I couldn’t get another bed piece.”
When the piece tours in exhibitions, Tracey revealed how she recreates the look each time: “Each time I had to go and remake the bed and every time it’s different. It can never be the same and sometimes it works beautifully, I can do it within a couple of hours and it looks really genuine and other times it just looks so fake that I have to re do it all again and the one thing I have to do sometimes is actually get in the bed and pull the covers over me and just push them back.”
Laughing, the artist added: “Now what I was doing 18 years ago, I can promise you I’m not doing now and those bed covers, everything… it looks like a crime scene when all of the items from the bed come along [to new exhibitions] they lay out trestle tables and everything is in tiny little plastic bags, so the dog ends, each cigarette end the contraceptive pill packet, the knickers, all laid out.”
On her ‘Everyone I Have Ever Slept With’ art piece, Tracey said: “That got burnt in the Momart fire and the sad thing about it burning in the fire was that people who didn’t see the tent didn’t understand what it was actually about it. It was about intimacy. There were 102 names and obviously I hadn’t had sex with all of them and it was about intimacy, whether it was my grandmother... People always say to me ‘how did you feel when the tent burnt?’ I thought, ‘Great I can start all over again! Go straight back to the beginning! The phoenix rising you know!’” 
Tracey - who counts the Prime Minister as a fan - also spoke about sending art to Downing Street: “David Cameron came to me. When there is a new Prime Minister usually [they have] a portrait made by an artist or choose an artwork and David Cameron is a fan of mine and he wanted a piece of my artwork and so off I trotted to Number 10 with lots of images of my neons which was a lot of fun actually because some of them are not suitable for Downing Street I can tell you because of the messages…” 
Talking about some of the ruder pieces of art that contain swearing, Tracey continued: “So when I put my suggestions forward, I did slip a couple of those in just for the hell of it but anyway the one that was chosen was ‘More Passion’. It’s a pink neon and it’s really great when you go down Downing Street at night, there’s just this pink glow that comes out of Number 10… The Prime Minister told me though that when he has dignitaries from other countries [over] and they first come here they are really surprised and shocked to see this pink glow and then this neon that says, ‘More Passion.’”
Speaking about her long career and turning 50, Tracey told Jonathan: “I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing now for 30 years and to make two seminal pieces of art that go down in history, I’m not going to complain about it and especially being a woman… How many people are recognised in the street for being an artist?”
On the turning point for her when she reached 50, Tracey said: “When I turned 50 it was a really big wake up call. I’m single, I’m kind of mad, I’m very independent, I travel a lot around the world and I suddenly realised that I was actually 50 and parts of my lifestyle weren’t that graceful really and I had to pull my socks up and actually be more focused. Especially about my art and not take it for granted and I just changed my attitude. And this is a strange thing, I’ve never had ambition in my life ever, and people don’t really believe that. I’ve always just done what I do and I decided that I had to be more ambitious and take my work more seriously which I did and it’s given me great, great satisfaction and a lot of happiness… I’m going into the third part of my life now and I want to continue working until I’m 90 but understanding who I am now and what I’m working with, me being a muse is really important.”
On her love of her vocation, Tracey talked about the significance of art in her life: “I’ve never done anything else. To wake up and think ‘I love what I do’ and I’m so happy with what I’m doing, it’s like the best feeling in the whole world definitely. I always say when you’re doing a good painting and it works, it’s much better than sex.”
Tracey - who designed this year’s BRIT Awards - spoke about her design: “The trophy normally just looks like a trophy and I thought, I don't just want to put a lump of plastic on it or just alter the shape or mould something on it, I want it to look real and I want the person who is winning it to actually feel like they have a part of me. So with the rosettes, the rosettes are all handmade and they're made in my studio so they actually get something for real, which is mine, which is the rosette and they get the rosette because they have done really well.”
She finished, “I wanted it to be sincere so the message is congratulating people on their talent, on their music and for being there. Without music, the world would be a really sad terrible place so I wanted some sincerity on it.”
Star of the big screen, Sigourney Weaver spoke to Jonathan Ross about being attacked by a gorilla, reviving the Aliens franchise and vying for a part in the new Ghostbusters film.
Recounting the story of being attacked by a silverback gorilla when she was filming Gorillas in the Mist, Sigourney said: “I did have one worrisome experience where there was a big, big silverback named Ziz who was about the size of a very big refrigerator.”
She continued: “On this particular day, Ziz was not in a good mood… Sure enough after a couple of minutes he got up and he beat his chest and he roared right up the hill at me… And he knocked me down and I stayed down which is a good move and that’s when you really can hear your blood moving through your veins, it’s very loud and finally he moved away from me and started to terrorise a gorilla up top and finally I started to crawl away into the underbrush and we ran into [a scientist who was working on the film] and he had this huge grin on his face because finally someone from Hollywood had gotten their comeuppance with a gorilla and he said, ‘Well you’ve just joined a very exclusive club, you’ve just been hit by a silverback gorilla!’”
When Jonathan asked which of the Aliens films was her favourite, Sigourney - who played Ellen Ripley - joked, “That’s like asking me which of my children I love best... I like each [film] for different reasons… If Neill Blomkamp does the last one, I will like that one the best!”
On the prospect of a fifth film for the franchise, Sigourney said it could be likely: “[Neill has] done a lot of the artwork and he seems to be writing the script and it looks pretty good but you know, it’s showbiz so… my fingers are crossed.”
On watching herself back in movies, Sigourney admitted that she hated to but could just about manage watching comedies she has appeared in: “I don’t have my films, I don’t have a little library of my films, if Ghostbusters is on I might watch that or Galaxy Quest. If it’s a comedy, I’ll watch it.”
She continued: “I’d watch a comedy for a few minutes probably. Because the comedies are always ensemble comedies and they’re wonderful and I think I made some nice comedies. I like them, I’m very fond of all of my memories of them but the serious films, I don’t know that I would want to watch them.” 
On appearing in the new Ghostbusters film, Sigourney admitted she would want to play, Slimer: “I imagine they might ask any of us [from the original cast] to walk across the street. I did say to the director that I would love to play Slimer, Slimer might have evolved into me... I’m ready for that now.”
Sigourney also admitted that her daughter isn’t phased by her work: “She’s not really interested, I’m basically her mother. She’s older now but she didn’t really look at my films. Basically my job was to be her mother and then I did this other thing over there.”
Doc Martin star, Martin Clunes, joined Jonathan and admitted that his teenage daughter, Emily, also wasn’t very impressed by his acting work: “We got her to go to the premiere of Nativity 3 where she just curled up with embarrassment because I sang in it. That was a real [fist pump moment] for me because we are just there to embarrass them which I do splendidly… She has a healthy contempt for me.” 
He also revealed that she won’t be following in her father’s acting footsteps: “She has done little bits of extra work on Doc Martin but that bored the pants off her… She’s too smart for that.”
On taking his role in ITV Drama, Doc Martin, seriously, Martin admitted his family think he tries to be a doctor off screen as well as on: “I don’t think I do think I’m a doctor but my wife and daughter differ and I’m always very interested in people’s prescriptions and meds and what they get. I sort of nod sagely.” Martin - who lives on a working farm - joked, “I do a bit of lambing, yes midwifery of a kind.”
Please note the above is all taken from the recording of The Jonathan Ross Show and is subject to the show edit.