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Auf Wiedersehen My Pet

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    Mon 24 Mar 2014
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    2.00pm - 3.00pm
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    Week 13 2014 : Sat 22 Mar - Fri 28 Mar
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Monday 24 March: Billy and Tilly the Pygmy Goats
When Samantha got twin pygmy goats Billy and Tilly to live on her city smallholding she thought she would keep them forever.  But health problems have brought her dreams crashing down and now she needs to find a new owner to give the pygmy pair a home.  A sheep breeder from the Chilterns,  a children’s farm owner and a farmer turned Boy George impersonator are all keen to add the goats to their menageries – but first Samantha must be satisfied that they can cater to both bold Billy and timid Tilly’s very different needs.
Tuesday 25 March: Toby the Parrot
Human reared African grey parrots will bond with their carer for life, so when Nathan finds himself seeking a new home for his pet parrot Toby, male companionship is at the top of his checklist.  Nathan and Toby check out a modern day Dr Doolittle, a busy family with lots of pets and children and a bird mad couple with their own bird sanctuary, before having to decide which one will be best suited to giving Toby the company he craves.
Wednesday 26 March: Baloo the Dog
The breakdown of Tim’s relationship has resulted in his beloved pet Staffie Baloo being left home alone for long periods; now Tim has made the heartbreaking decision to find his best friend a new owner who can give Baloo the company he needs.  But he faces a tough decision when a legal secretary who is keen to take a dog to work, a would be first time dog owner and a retired couple all turn out to be staunch Staffie fans.
Thursday 27 March: Rocky the Horse
Jane thinks that her pet horse Rocky has got the potential to be a champion.  No longer fit enough to train him herself, she’s keen  to find a rider with the time, facilities and ambition to develop him into a prize winning horse. Three experienced horsewomen all need to meet and ride Rocky to get to know him – if Rocky can be persuaded not to horse around.
Friday 28 March: Revisit show
A chance to catch up with the four pets who were rehomed this week: Billy and Tilly the twin pygmy goats, Toby the parrot who needed a male owner, Rocky the horse with champ potential and lovable Staffie Baloo.  How have they settled in with their new owners?
Series overview
New to ITV Daytime, Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will see pet owners who for genuine personal reasons have to make the tough decision to give up their much-loved animals. The current owners may be moving abroad or perhaps for medical reasons can no longer give their animal the attention it needs. They will be matched with a trio of potential new owners, all desperate to offer the pet a loving new home.
The 20-part series of hour-long episodes will feature a range of animals including dogs, horses, cats, guinea pigs and parrots, and each programme will focus on one owner and their pet, as they are given the opportunity to meet potential new owners, get to know their families and see around their homes.
With invaluable help and advice throughout from animal experts, the owner will make an informed decision on the best new home for their much-loved pet.
Auf Wiedersehen My Pet will explore and celebrate the bond between humans and animals; following the tears of goodbye, and the joy of a new beginning as lives are transformed by pets.