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Newlyweds: The First Year

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    6 of 8

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    Series 1
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    Thu 26 Mar 2015
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    9.00pm - 10.00pm
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    Week 13 2015 : Sat 21 Mar - Fri 27 Mar
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Episode 6 - You Are So Different Now
After 7 months of marriage, communication is at an all-time low. Jeff meets with an attorney and is surprised to find that Blair is earning equity in Jeff's house. In turn, Blair is enraged that Jeff would conspire with a lawyer behind his back. Tarz and Tina have planned a nude photo shoot to celebrate their newlywed year but Tina insists on sparkles and feathers. The photographer and Tarz object - will Tina ever let her inner self be "exposed?" Despite his usual stoicism, Alaska gets sentimental reminiscing about his mom and finally trusts Kim enough to allow for a crack in his armour. John gets frazzled by an emergency at the salon and Kathryn is irritated that she does not have more freedom to handle the business in her own way.
Series overview
From the moment they say "I do" to their one-year anniversary, cameras capture diverse couples across American experiencing the trials and tribulations of their first year of marriage. Going past the big wedding day, this illuminating documentary series new and exclusive to ITVBe, delves deeper into the realities of wedded life, realising the challenges and compromises that arise when two separate lives merge into one. Happily ever after is just the beginning.
Partnering with Emmy Award-Winning and Oscar-nominated documentarian Lauren Lazin, the eight-episode series follows each couple and captures everything from their wedding day to their one-year anniversary, chronicling all of the trials and tribulations that arise as a newlywed.
The Newlyweds Biographies
Alaska Gedeon and Kimberly V. Gedeon
Alaska Gedeon, a director of A&R (Artist and Repertoire), wed the love of his life Kimberly, a celebrity stylist born and raised in New York City. This bi-coastal couple are constantly on the run between LA and New York City and struggles in finding ways to balance both their careers and a marriage. Kim wants to start a dreamy life together in Harlem while Alaska's work keeps him in LA, making married life very different from what she imagined. Kim and Alaska's religious beliefs as Christians are what gives them balance, but at times can also pose challenges when trying to maintain a modern-day marriage.
Blair Late and Jeff Pedersen
Blair and Jeff met at a mutual friend's pool party and began dating after a whirlwind one-week courtship that consisted of a dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills and a weekend trip to Catalina. They had a big "wedding" celebration in Savannah to celebrate their domestic partnership.  Besides the conflicts that arise from their 16 year-age difference and contrasting careers, there are many personality clashes between Blair and Jeff. Blair, a former European pop star and current entertainment reporter, can be an over-the-top, dramatic individual whereas Jeff, a federal investigator, is more reserved and dispassionate. Viewers will see their differences magnified when Jeff and Blair visit a sex therapist due to a large gap in sex drives, as well as their battle working through finances.
John Lagoudes and Kathryn Bougadis
John has lived alone for many years and quickly finds that sharing space with new wife 
Kathryn, who gave up her career and city lifestyle to move out to the suburbs, is a big adjustment. Will the couple's hope for a honeymoon baby be dashed or will it turn into a case of "careful what you wish for?" After a few months of marriage, Kathryn and John also become owner/operators of a Long Island tanning salon. Kathryn is thrilled to finally have a project, but the thrifty John is not sure he can trust Kathryn with the responsibilities of running a business. Although Kathryn and John do share a lot of personality traits, John is a big list maker who doesn't like surprises and Kathryn is someone who shoots more from the hip. Can these two meld their opposing lifestyles into one happy union?
Tarz Ludwigsen and Tina Sugandh
Tarz, a former model turned "tech geek," is president/co-founder of a start-up web company, Pandoodle. Tina is an Indian international pop star who has recorded with everyone from Timbaland to Ringo Starr and performed at the "Indian Grammy Awards." Between Tina's rising success in music and Tarz's focus on his business, the couple has struggled to find time together over the years. They hope getting married will change that, but find it may be easier said than done. Sex is a stressful issue due to Tarz's long work days and the pressure of trying to make a baby. With Tarz constantly bumping heads with Tina's traditional father, family problems also contribute to their marriage.